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Hi - I have a strange situation when large graphics tile seamlessly and smaller tiles have a grey/white border 1px wide. The latter defeats the object of the seamless design and the first solution takes an age to download.


Has anyone else suffered with this, or even better found a solution/workaround?


Thanks in advance.



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    What's the URL of your site so we can examine it first hand? How small are the small tile graphics?


    Do you see it in iWeb or only after you publish the site?


    I ran a test and used a background image in the following square sizes: 100, 50, 25, 10 and 1 pixels.  Did not see any border.


    Reply to this post and add the photo to your reply with the camera icon in the toolbar.  Then we can download and examine the file in image editors.



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    Good morning OT


    Thanks for your reply. Without knowing it you pointed me in the right direction... I should of focused on the graphic opposed to iWeb. I now have this just how I wanted.




    I need to make another grpahic as you can see they do not match perfectly, but for now it is good enough.


    Thank you for replying.


    Have a great day/evening.