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I have an old Windows partition that I haven’t used in ages, but I need to access now. In the meantime I am running 10.7.3. When I start up Windows, it runs the C:// disk inspection routine, then Windows XP tries to start up, and freezes on the ‘this copy of Windows needs to be validated’ I have no chance to say yes, since everything is frozen, including the keyboard.


I think Windows wants to be validated again, because I switched Hard Drives between two machines, and it doesn’t recognize the serial number of the ‘new’ machine.


Nevertheless, why doesn’t it even start up?


By the way, I have tried to start it up three times into Boot Camp, and the ‘routine’ was exactly the same each time.


From what I have read in the support forums, the Lion Boot Camp version supports Windows 7 only. That cannot possibly be true!!!


MacBook Pro, 10.7.3