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deejd Level 1 (10 points)

I just bought this iMac in January and I've already had issues with Lion. First it was facetime.... now, I inserted a dvd-r that I already burned which has video files on them. The good thing, at least Lion recognizes that a cd/dvd is in the drive, the bad thing is that the dvd is already burned yet it keeps saying that I inserted a blank disc... which I did not.


Does anyone know how to fix this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • babowa Level 7 (29,930 points)

    How did you burn these video files? Did you use iDVD, Toast, or another video encoding software?

  • deejd Level 1 (10 points)

    I used a dvd converter. I had 8mm tapes that I transferred over to dvds.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,930 points)

    Well, they are obviously in a format which can't be read by the computer - do they play in a regular DVD player? My Google search showed that there are too many converters to know what you used - it also showed that they can convert footage to different formats. Is it possible that you chose a format that was only compatible with a Windows machine? Since your Mac sees the DVD, you could try MPEG Streamclip:



    Install the app in your Applications folder, launch it, and drag your DVD content into the window. If it can read it, it'll play. If you want, you can then export it in a format the Mac can read to watch or burn to another DVD from there.

  • deejd Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for the idea, babowa. I just tried the mpeg but I couldn't even drag the burned dvd in that program. It's still being read by the iMac as a blank disc.


    I converted the tape onto a sony dvd-r (which to my understanding is one of the top three best discs to burn too). The dvd converter that was I used was a Protron DVD Recorder DVR100.


    This really *****. For such a highly reputable product, the iMac is really starting to disappoint.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    That recorder offers five different recording settings. Which one did you use?


    Sony media are not highly regarded by most here. Most prefer Verbatim, Maxell, Fuji or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,930 points)

    I wouldn't be so quick to blame the Mac and there is no way on earth for every electronic device/product/software to be compatible with every other such product -  but I have another question:


    I just checked out your Protron DVR - not a lot of info I could find since it is no longer available for sale - but, it is a DVR (digital video recorder): so how did you get 8 mm tapes onto a DVD using it?


    And, Klaus1 is correct: Sony and Apple do not always play nice together.


    I asked previously: does your DVD play in any regular DVD player? That is an important consideration: if I produce a DVD in my DVR, I can play it on that DVR, but not anywhere else unless I have finalized the disc. Why? Because that is how DVD/DVR recorder manufacturers make their products. If I want to play my DVD anywhere but in that recorder, I have to finalize it (check your manual about that requirement for your device).

  • deejd Level 1 (10 points)

    Ah, that's making more sense now. I've tried the burned dvd's in a trutech and apex dvd player and they didn't work (but I figured it was just because the models I have are old). I also tried using it on a new hp laptop but they also didn't recognize the dvd's, though when I played them back after they were burn, they worked with the protron and the dvd player that I had at the time, also played the burned discs... unfortunately, I had to sell the protron, the dvd player that I had, and even the sony digital8 handycam that used to connect to the protron to convert the tapes.


    Clearly, the iMac is a great product and I'm overreacting, but it's just a pain... well, annoyance when something as little as this doesn't work.


    At least it's playing original dvds which lets me know it's not the hard drive or some other issue with the dvd software.


    So there's no other program out there that'll be able to playback this burned cd? I wish I could remember the format it was burned in.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    Difficult if the Mac won't recognize the disk, otherwise you could copy its contents to your desktop and convert it to some useful using mpegStreamclip.


    This is why I chose to use a hard drive recorder (for time-shifting TV programs etc), which records in a format that iMovie can import, then burn to a DVD if required.

  • deejd Level 1 (10 points)

    Very difficult, ha. But yeah, Klaus, thanks for the idea but I already tried that when babowa sent me the link for mpegStreamclip... unfortunately, it doesn't read anything from the disc nor will it even allow it to be dragged in.


    If there is any program available that will recognize a dvd-r that already has been burned with video files on it, please do not hesitate to pass it along, Klaus. I'd really, really appreciate it. This is just frustrating.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    You are in Catch-22 territory!


    You can't process it because your Mac won't recognize it!

  • deejd Level 1 (10 points)

    Haaaa! Yes, of course, of course. Oh well, thanks for helping me out on this, Klaus. I appreciate it.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,745 points)

    Sorry we couldn't do more for you!

  • babowa Level 7 (29,930 points)

    If it doesn't play in other players either, then it seems clear that it's the fact that you did not finalize the disk. If you no longer have that machine, there is nothing you can do about it unfortunately.

  • deejd Level 1 (10 points)

    No, that's not it, because I finalized each of them.

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