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I'm running XP SP 3 on Virtualbox in my 10.7.1 installed Mac.  Sadly I couldn't find a way to get the break key to work from my iHome keyboard, nor using any of the F-keys on my Mac keyboard.   This is needing to do Windows spanning Remote desktop which currently I use mstc /span command. Unfortunately I can't seem to control the connection speed via mstc, but can via the Remote Desktop control panel which requires the Control Alt Break command for spanning.    This lack of connection speed control causes certain applications on the remote end to act weirdly like losing controls from time to time when I go in via mstc.  I have a 7 Mbps cable connection, which should be fast enough to make Remote Desktop behave like at least a 1Mbps.  So anyone know a way to tell VirtualBox to have Control-Alt-Break?

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