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    Seriously? It's been three years since the 'hum' was introduced. They haven't fixed it yet?

    Does anyone here know if there's even been a 'ticket' opened for the problem, or are we all just talking to ourselves.Surely they have 'testers' for the Garageband App. that would have long since known about the problem already anyway, no? For an 'App.' that awesome, it's a shame (shame I say) that the 'Hum' issue makes it un-useable for guitarists......It's a 'System App.' fix, not a 'Point-fix'.....Get it done already.

  • Joel.O Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    We'd love to help and do when we can, but Garageband is our of our hands. iRigs with issue's we can replace, but most of this thread is GarageBand specific.

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    well i am here talking about amplitube and how it is compleatly useless to me at the moment.  Garage band works just fine thank you.

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    Joel.O, I challenge that you are here to help out. I challenge that you are here to protect your brands image.

    There has been numerous 'Tickets' opened - including one I had the privledge of opening, which mounted to crap service, denial of fault and even an uncommunicated case closure!


    Apple themselves have told me that your product is at fault, yet this information was met with denial and ignorance.


    Please take this to someone who can do something about it. Stop spending your time on image protection and more on fixing these issues.


    Happy to post the interactions I had with your company for all to see. Trust me, you dont want that.


    Sincerely unimpressed.



  • Joel.O Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    If Apple really though our iRig didn't work they wouldn't carry them in every Apple store. I'm not support, but I'm here to help how I can. In this case the best I can do for you is to get you in contact with support. If Apple states its our iRig that is breaking Garageband, please tell them to also contact our support so we can work them to get it to work.


    In our testing we have concluded that iRig works with every app except Garageband since this update.

  • travart Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I'm taking about your product 'Amplitube' with the iPad 3

    With the iRig. So are others in this forum.


    There post are above. Have a read

  • travart Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Joel O,


    Of course.Good point - Ill start a new thread then.


    This works for both of us - as i started a thread on this EXACT topic with IK Multimedia's forum - and you guys shut it down.


    I wonder if you have that pull with apple - we'll see.



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    Well Everyone,


    Apple updated GarageBand to 1.4 today and one of it's features is:


    • Fixes an issues that resulted in feedback while conntecting 3rd-party audio accessories into the headphone/microphone jack.


    This reall was Apple's problem, not iRigs and I for one feel sorry for Joel.


    Anyway... it's resolved now. I don't get any feedback anymore.


    garageband update.png

  • Joel.O Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for that update! No need to feel sorry, the internet is serious business and as a musician I know how important my tools are to me. Plus I work for one of the best music companies out right now bringing all kinds of tools to PC, Mac, Android and our beloved iOS devices!

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    Called Apple today, yes everyone i spoke to is aware of the problem with GB and iPad3. But no, they don't know what is causing it either, and no idea when the bug will be fixed. I am very bummed out that i updated, cuz when i first bought my ipad3 in august, everything was fine (on 5.1.1) It seems we all have the same issue, noise and screeching sounds when we try to play guitar. Amplitube works fine tho, and sounds way better. But i still miss garageband cuz it had some cool stuff besides just the guitar amps. Everbody needs to keep filing complaints, the guy i talked to said that he doubts that anybody there even reads these forums...

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    dang i did not see this last post. i guess they fixed the bug yesterday? i wonder why tech support kept me on hold for so long this morning talking to everyone in the department, and then told me the issue has not been resolved. i am downloading the update now. thank you Joel, i did not realize they fixed it yesterday. hoping this works..

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    ok, well i downloaded the update, still the same noise. nothing was fixed. now i am pretty ****** cuz i made the mistake of updating the app on my iphone 5 too, and now i get noise there as well. garageband is garbageband now, just a piece of crap if nobody can use it to play real instruments thru. c'mon apple did you even test it before you released this so called update? as i read one guy put it "everything apple puts out now should be considered beta, and we are their testers." thats why they have to update their iOS every month or two, cuz its all full of bugs. i guess they have no budget to test the software before releasing it? yah right. lazy is more like it.

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    You are so right! I only tried my favourite amp presets and had no feedback whatsoever but I just went through the more distorted ones and Garagband is still no better! Under distorted I had no problems with:

    • Glam Rock
    • Industralian Overdrive

    Now these both didn't work for me in the past so there is some kind of improvement however minor, but the following presets just get insane amounts of feedback still:

    • Iron Fuzz
    • Modern Metal
    • Punk Rock


    With level lowered all others seem fine but Apple has mislead us with this current update! Not impressed.

  • evildedd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    hmm ok well, i didnt try any other amps, i want to play true metal, not glam metal. lol. but even the clean doesnt sound quite right. i feel sorry for the iRig company, they might have a lot of ppl returning their stuff to the store, and anyone else that markets these plugs that go into the microphone jack for ipad. their amplitube stuff sounds great though, if only we could up guitar tracks into garageband it would be fun.


    i wish i could go pro and get the iPB by digitech, but 500 dollars is a lot of money to a struggling musician..

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