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In Activity Monitor I see why my IBA is so slow; it is listed as "not responding" in red type. I don't know what causes this, but it spends more time NOT responding than working. Any clues?



iMac 27" i7, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    How many books do you have open at one time?


    How much free space on your hard drive?


    How much physical ram in your computer?


    Is Spoltight busy indexing?


    Have you run Disk Utility to check drive health?

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    I have a max of two books open at a time- many times just one.


    247GB available out of 500GB




    Spotlight not indexing


    Disk Utility (Disk Warrior, Drive Genius) all contribute to keeping the drive healthy.


    I even installed a fresh partition on my internal and installed just 10.7.3, Premiere Pro, Pages, Photoshop, IBA.

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    How big are those books? Are they image or widget heavy?

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    Two versions of the same book. One with videos (1.4GB) and one without (375MB). Neither are widget heavy- each has 7 interactive full-page images (basic exploded views).

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    Try watching for red w/iBA with no books open.

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    Opened a smaller book and made changes, duplicated the file, with no problems. The issue is with my book apparently, but the problems exist even in the smaller video-less book. What to look for? Should I try rebuilding with a fresh slate- using drag-n-drop? Please tell me I don't have to totally reconstruct the book from scratch.



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    The problem is with the auto-versioning feature of Mac OS X Lion, iBooks Author, and the size of your large file (1.4 gb). Close that file and I suspect your perfomance problems will go away.


    Rebuilding won't help.


    My suggestion is to leave the video placeholders, remove the videos for now, complete the books, then add the videos back in right before publication.



    iBooks Author Guide

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    You're probably right, and I had a missbehaving external drive that was contributing to the problem. I am actually in the process of doing exactly what you suggested.