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I recently bought a new new iPad in Singapore and it does not work as I had hoped.


I take it to work and put it on my desk next to my iPhone.  They both say at least 1 bar of reception, they both say 3G.  Data works on both of them - web pages load fast, emails come, app store works. This is not WiFi, this is 3G cellular data.


I don't know the exact timings but an hour or so later, I turn the screen on on the iPad.  Still says at least 1 bar, still says 3G.  However no data works.  No websites, no app store, no emails,  I check my iPhone sitting next to it.  Data still works on that.


To make the iPad have data again, I have to turn it off (slide to turn off) and turn it on again.  Then data works for a bit.


I have to do this pretty much every time I have left my iPad for a while (30 mins plus?) and want to use it.


Singtel, the telecom provider have reset my line and also replaced the iPad's microsim card.  They say that that is all they can do.  However since there changes, the symptoms remain.


Apple have said that this is a telecoms problem, not an Apple problem.


I am a little disappointed and I hope this can be resolved.

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1
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