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    On the upside, I'm been running several highend 3d games for long periods as a test and I've no issues with the ipad getting hot whatsoever!



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    I am having the same issue with my New iPad, but not with my original iPad, running the Same Software.  Doesn't this indicate it is not a software issue? 


    I am already on my second New iPad, as the first one stopped all together after Verizon tried to activate it.  The tech could not get the LTE to activate, changed the SIM card three times, after which it would go to the opening screen and reboot time after time.  Apple help desk told me to return it for another.



    As I use this on the road way more than with wifi,  I am hours away from returning this one.  The screen is nice, but the 3/4G is unreliable.

  • lando55 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Same issue here.

    Model: iPad Wi-Fi & 4G 64 GB

    Network provider: T-Mobile/Telekom Germany

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    Same issue here. Network provider: Singtel, Signapore. I initially thought it was telecom issue. Went to Singtel to change for a new SIM. Called the backend office to do a hard reset on my line. Bu the problem still persists. Went to apple service provider and they asked me to monitor this issue. It seems like I am having two issues.


    1.) Unable to use 3G after being on WIFI

    2.) Slow intermittent 3G connection even after manually switching WIFI off.


    Turning on/off airplane mode doesnt work for me. I had to do a restart on my new Ipad. This is my 1st Ipad and is having such a bad experience with it. It is really very fustrating.

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    The workaround is to never have Wifi and Cellular data on at the same time,  only have the one you are using on, then to switch, just turn it off in settings, wait 10 seconds, then turn the other one on.  Worked for me so far.


    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks! I gona try that and monitor. : )

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    I am n my third iPad 3 as of yesterday, for various issues. So far I haven't had the 3G connectivity problems that the other 2 of them had, but it's not been 24 hours with the replacement yet. Never had a single issue with my iPad 2 and if this persists I am going to return it and stick with the 2. For almost $900 this is very disappointing and un-apple like. Poor Steve must be rolling around in his grave with this last release.

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    And having to turn off and on wi-fi and 3G settings every time I want to come and go from my wifi network is NOT an acceptable fix.

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    Same issue here.

    lando55 wrote:


    Same issue here.

    Model: iPad Wi-Fi & 4G 64 GB

    Network provider: T-Mobile/Telekom Germany


    the same here (also 64GB) / Germany

    I have tried already two network providers: O2 and Vodafone

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    Mine is a 64gb 4G also, wonder if there is something to that...

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    Interesting, so is mine - I wonder if it's only 64 MB models that are affected?

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    Mine is 32Gb.


    So after a few days of having WiFi capabilities switched off, I am having to turn off and on much less frequently.  I would say that 4 out of 5 times where it used to stop working, it now works.  Over the past few days I have to reset perhaps 3 or 4 times.


    Perhaps there are multiple causes of the same symptoms here, and turning off WiFi fixes one of the more common causes?

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    Mine was 32GB 3/4G+WiFi version also suffering this problem since Day-1 03/16 Launch Day.


    This morning my new iPad 3G connection come back alive AFTER 3 REBBOT. Omg such a bad day for me. I've notices each instances happened after I've come out from 3 different basement carpark where there's no data connection. Remembered this is with only 3G cellular data set to on, there's no WiFi on.


    Now I'm just wondering how long can I take it and how long can i hold on to this rotten new iPad... Help Apple pleasehelp... Even thought functionality might not to my best liking but I like your tablet as it is the most chic tablet to carrying around.


    Btw, I went back to my iPad ISP Singtel today again. Again the service girl the best helps she could offer me was with another complete new SIM card for my iPad plan line, abd she will help to escalate the problem to higher management to discuss with Apple. Unfortunately thought, she could not get any higher senior management person to call me for any result they discuss with Apple.


    The Singtel service girl said, if problem like this new iPad happened, and in many country across 3 continents it must be the Apple new iPad hardware issue. She also mentioned, maybe the next iOS release will help to rectify the problem.

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    Yeah I'm sorry to report hat I'm he same. After 3days of switching between he wifi and cellular data manually, last night it stopped working again and I had to power cycle it. Once in 3 days is Much better than 5 times a day, but clearly it's not a perfect workaround.


    I should get my new iPad in the next few days, fingers crossed I'm one of the lucky ones and the new one works.

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    No, mine is 32GB and I see a lot of other people with the 32GB version is affected by this problem. Talked to Apple customer service, and they admitted getting a lot of complaints regarding this problem. The only advice the gave me was to do a full restore and report back if this did not solve the problem. The be perfectly honest, I am not even sure I will bother doing this as I am 99% sure it will have no effect whatsoever.

    Also went to a norwegian Apple reseller store and talked to one of the clerks about this problem. The clerk

    responded that he also struggled with the same thing, but he was pretty sure this was an issue that Apple was

    looking into and would respond with a software fix within the "near" future..... well, I am waiting in agony.

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