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  • Nickynoods90 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem with 3G data/ wifi. This is a 64GB ipad3 on orange in UK. Please can someone at apple look into this as clearly it's endemic from reading these posts and for a product which isn't cheap and boasts its data capabilities this really needs to be fixed. Given many of us don't visit these forums often (unless we have to for a problem like this), it would be nice if apple could email us an update/ time scale on fixing this issue. Many thanks.

  • kug_gr Level 1 (0 points)

    SIM PIN fix did not work for me (DLXH, Germany, Carrier T-Mobile). My workaround at the moment is that I use 2 SIM cards from different carriers. If one fails, I exchange it with the other. That works, although I would wish that I could access the SIM-slot easier.


    Apple: Please give an official statement about the issue!!!



  • Spainpad Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here in Spain. Is a real pain having to reboot the ipad to get the 3 g back to work, every time it changes from wifi or edge to 3 g I have to reset the ipad to get data, which is a pain in the xxx.

    Is my 2nd ipad3 , same issues with the two, previously I had ipad1 and 2 and they were great,  ipad3 looks nice but this 3G issue kills all the fun out of it, tyred of having to reset it several times a day.....dhlx for my 2 iPads , could any one our of the dhlx series confirm that their iPads are working properly?

    After spending 800 euros and having to reset several times a day the ipad to get it working, makes you think if the experience is worth it......this is making me loose to many working hours, if this is not solved, sadly , ipad3 won't suit my business necessities and I will have to switch back to least with it I could work!

    Hope is not a hardware issue, and if it is, they should replace them ASAP .......but I guesss then the stock would fell from 600 use to????

    Pease sort this very serious issue so we can enjoy the experience of working with our iPads instead of having to reset every 20 mins....

  • gilesf Level 1 (0 points)

    I live in the UK and have had the problem since the launch of the new ipad, i have had numerous calls to the helpdesk over the past month. I am now on the third sim card ( all with O2 ), have have restored & backup etc, done everything mentioned in these bloggs. basically the minute i go from wifi to 3g the data stops. dispite the 3g sign being lit up like a christmas cake.


    last night i was elevated up the apple support and they got technical engineering involved -( this was before i read any bloggs on it. ) basically they claimed that they had major problem with o2 that both companies were aware of and were trying to resolve. they made it clear that there was nothing wrong with the new Pad and it was with O2, even if i changed the ipad it would not resolve. I accepted this as i can easily change to vodafone as i pay monthly.


    now i read these bloggs and find that numerous other data carriers have the same issue, i am unsure if 02 are connected with t mobile & the others mentioned here. If they are not connected then how can apple claim it is a problem with one data supplier and the problem must be rooted with the new ipad itself.


    i asked for an email to confirm this from apple but that appears to have been a step too far to actually acknowledge the problem in writing. they said is is being dealt with at a very senior level and they are working on a fix.


    i suppose the key will be to find out who o2 in the UK is connected with round the globe and find out if the problem is only with these connected data networks --- off to shops to by myself a new vodafone sim, other than that the new ipad is brillant.

  • David Thorpe2 Level 3 (635 points)

    FWIW. I have used O2 as my iPad provider since I purchased my original iPad 1. When I changed to the new iPad I swapped the SIM into that and experienced all the issues talked about in this thread. Unrelated I started looking at alternative data plans and decided to switch to 3 (cheaper and more data). Since doing this I haven't had a single issue.


    Does this mean I know what the solution is? No. It could be that O2's handshaking etc. is different to 3's. It might just be that taking the old SIM out did the trick and had I put that one back in, rather than the 3 SIM, would have done the trick. Your mileage might vary. But the point here is that – for me at least – the same 'faulty' iPad hardware and iOS software is now working perfectly thanks to a change of SIM and carrier.

  • pgreen27 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update from me on 3G problem.....


    I am now on my 3rd new iPad and 3rd sim card from Orange in the UK. I have phoned support 3 times and visited 4 Apple Stores - none of them have sorted out the problem - in fact no one will admit to there being a problem. Everything works fine on my old iPad.


    The 3G signal works when you first boot but will stop working after a standby and the only solution is to reboot.


      I am supposed to have had my case elevated but not heard back yet.

  • FazerWiz Level 1 (0 points)

    Save you're money. As has been discussed on another thread, this problem is caused when the iPad switches from 2g or edge to 3G. It is NOT an O2 problem. The only carrier who does work ith he new iPad in the uk is 3. They do not have any 2g cells, so the iPad never locks up when using their sims but it will with all other carriers.


    This is an iPad problem. I expect hat it might not even be able to be fixed with software as he chip is locking up when it switches between 2g and 3G. Maybe a driver might fix it but that relies on Globalcomm (the chip maker) coming up with one. In the meantime, only 3 will work here in the uk, other countries, I don't know, find out who doesn't use 2g or edge, it's your only solution.



  • Minov Level 1 (0 points)

    This temporary solution from "henrik" is the only one that has been working for me! - Give it a try!

  • Oof25 Level 1 (0 points)

    I live in Holland and suddenly had the same problem on my ipad2. I was planning to call my carrier tomorrow but I found the solution on this forum in the post from FazerWiz. My 3G is working again. It really seems to be an Apple problem. And not only for ipad3.

  • Khumzi Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup, just adding my voice to this. New iPad drops connection frequently when I'm commuting. A reboot brings it back. I'm using O2 but reckon it's a hardware issue. Probably about time that the UK press picked up on this, eh?

  • vfernandes1988 Level 1 (0 points)

    i´m from brazil.

    I bought 2 new ipad.

    One with 16gb +4g Att and 64Gb +4G.

    I have the same problem because my new ipad cannot activate cellular data.

    My issue is more complicated because i cant do anything with applebrasil.

    I need to wait when new ipad arrived in my country to activate apple

  • as-j Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks guys, seeing the exact same problem with Optus in Australia, and coverage here is pretty sparse, so your always fliing back and forth between 2g and 3G. Every time I pulled out my iPad on the road I had to reboot to get the data connection up. This is pretty crazy.

  • Spainpad Level 1 (0 points)

    This is getting into a painfull situation, changed my ipad and is doing the same, every time it changes form wifi or 3g to edge the service stops working, so I have to delete network settings, all wifi passwords are lost, this is just a pain, big waist of time, shame on you apple for selling this tablet under this circunstances.....I am in spain by the the batery goes dead after trying to log in so many times....i need it to work and is not doing the job...please apple sort this out....

  • miky10 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, experiencing same issues while shifting between 3G & EDGE => connectivity gets frozen until reset. Just finished a call with APPLE and they say they are very avare of the problem , issue was escalated and their engineers are working on it. The sad thing is they do not know when new iOS is supposed to be released to fix this. I was neither able  pull an info if it's a HW or SW related issue from them . I only know other people got a replacement new Ipad but same isse, so if it's SW, then it's the pain until new fix elease, if it's a HW issue, then I assume it's HUGE, HUGE issue for Apple......

  • captanQERT Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem at Turkey. My network provider Turkcell. 32gb 4g 3rd gen iPad i just get it yesterday. Comparing it with iPad 2 both hava same iOS and network provider Turkcell. Network connection status shows 3 bars 3G at iPad 2 and just 1 bar 3G at new iPad. When opening a common web page iPad 2 quickly OpenS the page but No move at new iPad. Also changing position and now both have 5 bars 3G connection. Then the same problem new iPad can't connect anytihing and data loss... After rebooting it, for a while No problem with connection, than the same problems.... Now trying common solving methods.... But it is really annoying and boring...

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