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iMovie 09 suddenly started to generate the following error when sharing/exporting video:


The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (-50)


Any ideas how to export it? I worked on it for bout 3 hours so I'm not really in the mood

to redo it.

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    I'm having the exact same problem but with the latest version of iMovie. I Just spent 5 hours on a video that I'm proud of and want to share but when I try to share/export:


    The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred. (-50)



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    I also have iMovie '11 , that was a typo.

    It's pretty annoying tho. I can export all the other videos but not that.


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    I cant believe this is happening, soooo frustrating!!!!   I put about 24 hours into a project, exported it 3 times throughout, just to see the progress outside of imovie, finally finished the project and now error code -50 wont leave me alone!!!  AND, on top of that, at the very end of the movie, some random sped up audio plays for a couple seconds, ***!?!?  And yes, I strayed from the defaults in regards to the clip speed, but to me, using the defaults isnt a solution.  The movie is complete, edits all match with music perfectly(almost), If I change just one of em then the rest is screwed  If thats the best solution, then its as good as none, cuz either way it looks like ill have to start over.  How can we not just get a straight answer, what the **** is error code -50?!?!?  Does apple think that there are people out there that go "oh, error code -50, no prob...  fixed!!"  What good is knowing the code if theres no description???   Sorry, blowin steam...  Being a music producer, ive been a loyal Mac man for many years, Logic Pro my software of choice, but past month or so, Post Snow Leopard, its been problem after problem.  I just wanna finish my movie Apple!!!  I paid you every last cent for the products, Ive held up my end of the bargain, where u at??????

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    oh yea, i have imovie 09, if it matters...

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    Ok, my issue is resolved...  Not sure how it will help anyone else, but here goes...  First go to Sports Challet and get a nice Louiseville Slugger...  just kiddin...  Since I had exported it just a few hours earlier with ease, i had only added maybe 6 or 7 clips since.  So i started deleting them from back to front one at a time, trying to export after each deleting.  4th one in, and Blammo!  No deleting .com files, no reparing disks, no starting new user accounts...  So apperantly the problem lied within one particular clip.  With every bit of sincerity, I hope this helps someone.

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    My friend you're an absolute LEGEND!!! Thanks for this! I was starting to get to the point of smashing stuff lol.

    There seemed to be no converstions on it, then i found you! God send Thank you!!!