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when i run a search in mail it is totally cluttered up with what appear to be DRAFTS of outgoing emails that are in the TRASH.


is there a way to stop mail from creating these or to hide them from my search results?


it's like someone upturned my trash buckets onto my desk over here.



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    I'm suddenly having tha tproblem too. Trashed items appear in searches even after I've emptied the trash. There can be dozens (one per minute or so of drafts in the trash).


    This corresponded with a shift of our institutional service to google mail; I can't tell if that's the cause of the problem when I'm using mail. I don't have any g-mail web page opened.

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    see: Lion Mail creating a lot of 'bin' or 'trash' messages


    Find the gmail 'trash' mailbox (I don't have a 'bin' one) and under the mailbox menu select "use this mailbox for trash'. It will jump up tot he trash section in the mailbox list, and will stop showing up in searches.



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    Thanks Sarah - perfect answer! Made my day

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    I think there's a pretty simple solution for this -- or maybe a workaround? Up at the top-left of the Mail window, you'll see the word "Search" in blue. Next to it are All, Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Flagged. (I think you have to have the cursor in the Mail search box to see all the options.)


    All is the default -- which is why Search looks in the Trash, as you say. But if you just select Inbox or Sent, Search will look ony where you specifiy, and Trash results won't come up .


    This, by the way, is a classic piece of bad design leading to user confusion. The reason none of us noticed that there was a Search control at upper-left is that the search box is at upper-right: it's bad design to separate the Search box and Search controls in this way.

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    thank you. great help.


    can you just remind me how i control what i want to see on the left hand side again (and whether you have any tricks or insight into this)?


    for instance, i have On My Mac mail which i moved to the hard drive and off of my IMAP based mail. presumably i can add an On My Mac icon on the top left?


    also, i've always found searchlight uber annoying in the sense that i can ADD search criteria but i cannot tell it to /not/ include some kind of criteria. say for instance that i want to search all text documents for the word "capricious" but i /don't/ want to see results for pdf's that contain this word. or - well it would be nice to be able to include or exclude certain hard drives a little more integrated with the search criteria instead of having to run off to the Settings that are buried somewhere. i mean, maybe i really need to search an external drive and i want spotlight to index this drive for me overnight for this particular search - it would be great to be able to temporarily add this HD in a way that was easy but also made it easy to remove it when i found what i needed.


    anyway, i digress because you provided a nice explanation here...


    is there such a thing in MAIL search as adding a set of criteria or excluding a set of criteria? i mean, say i want to search for anything that went out TO "MyLandlordAttilaTheHun" but also anything that came in FROM him - but i didn't want to see anything in the trash?


    anyway, thanks for anything on that and/or any future helpful observations...


    - jon

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    For those on 10.8.4, I tried these options but what worked was Mail -> Preferences -> General Tab, and selecting the option at bottom "When searching all mailboxes, include results from:"  and de-select the "Trash" option.


    I hope this works for those on later versions of Max OS X.

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    Very helpful.  One question:

    My search box defaults:






    Entire Message


    I don't see Sent and it would be hugely helpful.  Is there a way for me to specify Sent?


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    hi jmattozi.


    just getting back to this one.


    so help me here a bit.


    i have an "Inbox" in my sidebar which lists all my email accounts. do i click on INBOX in this sidebar list on the left and it automatically pulls up the "inbox" on the top line? this is a strictly Inbox search is that right?


    then if i click on another item in the top line (or in the sidebar) then Mail is searching in that area?


    if that is the case, /how/ do i search all items - Inbox, Sent etcetera? i mean, i am not seeing a sidebar or top line item for "all"...




    P.S. i wonder if anyone knows if there is something wrong with my Spotlight searches. i put Mail and Messages at the bottom of Spotlight Prefs and I uncheck this item and i still see Mail (tons and tons of it) in my spotlight searches. is this Thunderbird Mail that is getting searched for some reason or is there a glitch in Spotlight or mail that lets these be searched? maybe upgrading from 10.7.4 to 10.8 when i buy a new desktop will solve this...?

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    This completely solved my problem!  For reasons I do not understand I had trash and deleted items folders multiple times.  So I had to mark them all, "use this mailbox for trash" and then I had to go to trash and I emptied those items each time as well.  And then I did a search and no trash came up.  Yahoo!


    Thanks Sarah!

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    I'm on 10.8.5, and all of those ancillary boxes are unchecked, and yet Trash responses are showing up copiously in my search results. I will try what sarah_calumet suggested though and hopefully that will work. I'd love to see improvement in the user interface side of the whole search business though.

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    Sarah, maybe I don't know what you mean by "find the gmail 'trash' mailbox," but when I select the relevant mailbox listed in the sidebar under "Trash," and then go to the "use this mailbox for..." option, the sub-options (Drafts, Sent, Trash, Junk) are all greyed out. I have 8 email accounts defined here, all but one is hosted on gmail, and so have numerous potential gmail 'trash' mailboxes. None of them allow me to alter the settings under "use this mailbox for".


    Any other ideas? It's really frustrating to find all of these iterations of trashed drafts queued up in my search results. Thanks.