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Hello all,


i've just made a very complicated sync between a video and audio track within an FCS project.

The video was untouched and i edited the stereo audio track.

Now i would like to apply the same editing to the .ac3 version of the just edited stereo version.


There is a way to do that without remake manually the full work on the ac3 version?


Many many Big Thanks in advance

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Solved by Jason Britski on Apr 2, 2012 10:01 AM Solved

go into Sequence Settings - Audio Outputs.

there you select 5.1 monitoring & selec tmono for each track instead of stereo.

Back in the timeline you can control click on the track - ex. A1 & a popup menu will appear allowing to select which track you want. ie. A1 select A1, A2 select A2, etc.

Reply by Michael Grenadier on Mar 29, 2012 8:58 AM Helpful

You might (and I emphasize might) be able to do this by making a duplicate of your sequence, selecting the audio clips in the timeline and making them independent and the reconnecting them to your new audio clips.  Probably need to duplicate the audio tracks for each new audio element of the 5:1.    Things could get screwed up, so make sure you have your project backed up.  Might be simplest just to match your edits.

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