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Hi there,


My WD 500gb external drive is playing up. I ran Repair Disk in Disk Utility and received this message:

Verify and Repair volume “My Passport”

Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.

Checking Extents Overflow file.

Checking Catalog file.

Incorrect number of thread records

Checking multi-linked files.

Incorrect number of file hard links

Checking Catalog hierarchy.

Checking Extended Attributes file.

Incorrect number of Extended Attributes

(It should be 1111057 instead of 1111053)

Incorrect number of Access Control Lists

(It should be 1109337 instead of 1109333)

Checking multi-linked directories.

Checking volume bitmap.

Volume Bit Map needs minor repair

Checking volume information.

Invalid volume free block count

(It should be 6221426 instead of 6221246)

Repairing volume.

Next ID in a hard link chain is incorrect (id = 3618881)

(It should be 1251745 instead of 3610665)

Three questions:

1) What could have caused this? (the drive hasn't suffered any physical damange)


2) How do I fix it?


3) Does running Verify Disk erase all data on the disk?


Any advice/help is very much appreciated.



WD 500 Passport, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Neither verifying nor repairing erases any data.


    Verifying only tells you what may be wrong. Repairing repairs it!


    When you have repaired the hard disk you should then also repair permissions. As this not only takes ages, but the results may give you cause to panic, don't!


    As long as the report ends up with 'Permissions repair complete' then, as far as permissions go, you are fine. You can ignore the various statements in the report:


    Permissions you can ignore on 10.5 and 10.6:




    Using 'should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrw-r--r--' as an example, you will see the that the permissions are not changed, but the | indicates a different location. This is because an update to Leopard changed the location of a number of system components.


    Poster rccharles has provided this description of what it all means:


    d = directory

    r = read

    w = write

    x = executeable program



    |  |  |

    |  |   all other users not in first two types

    |  | 

    |  group


    a little more info:

    Before the user had read & write. A member of the group had read.

    After, only the user had read & write.

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    "Neither verifying nor repairing erases any data."



    False.  I just repaired my disk and a lot of files are missing and many others have been somehow replaced by much older versions of themselves.  While I'm sure repairing does not erase data in most cases, it can and will.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8

    Then the files were faulty in the first place.


    Neither verifying nor repairing erases any data