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How do I reset my iphone 4s to manufacrurers? and also in settings, reset button in the$ general the phone require passcode. where can I get the passcode as well?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    If you forgot your iPhone passcode you can bypass the lock screen completely and reset the passcode by using iPhone recovery mode.

    Warning: This will require you to restore your iPhone or iPod touch, this means you’ll lose all data on the device and be back to factory settings.

    Bypass & Reset the iPhone Passcode

    1. Disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone, leave the other end connected to your Mac/PC
    2. Launch iTunes
    3. Press and hold the Home and Power button on the top of the iPhone to turn off the device
    4. Press and continue to hold the Home button while you reconnect the USB cable to your iPhone, this will cause the iPhone to turn on
    5. Continue to hold the Home button until an alert message in iTunes appears that an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected

    Now that the iPhone is in recovery mode, you must restore the device:

    • From iTunes, look under the “Summary” tab
    • Click on the “Restore” button within iTunes

    This will wipe all files, settings, and apps from the iPhone, including the passcode. When the restore is finished, the iPhone will be at the factory settings. At this point you can choose to start from scratch or to restore the iPhone from a backup.

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    how do you bypass passcode