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So I took the plunge into iPad world and got the 64 gig  Verizon 4g version.  The night I got it ( Tuesday ) after playing with it for a while, I tried to plug it in overnight to charge it with the AC adapter.   It wouldn't give me the charging acknowledgment on screen in the first two wall outlets I tried, finally plugged it into a surge protector and it worked.  This being my first iPad I thought maybe it was being finicky about the power.    Faster forward to this morning, I forgot to plug it in overnight, and tried every outlet and surge protector in the house, to no avail.    I plugged it in using the same cord minus the AC adapter to my PC and got the "Not charging " Message.   ONLY after doing this was I able to get this thing to start charging using the AC adapter.  


So my question is this....  Is this normal?    I really don't want to have some modified OCD dance everytime I need to charge this **** thing.


Is it the iPad itself acting up, which I suspect, or the USB to AC 10w adapter?


Again, first time owner so be gentle.

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