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Hello everybody,


For the first time i have a project for french TV.


I don't know how i have to configure the broadcast safe. The production gave me the standard broadcast but i don't know what i have to do in Color.


The broadcast safe's parameter in color are : Celling IRE, Floor IRE, Amplitude, Phase, Offset, Chroma Limit and Composite Limit.


But i received none of thoses informations. They gave me ununderstanding parameters such as :


Coordonnées de chromaticité (CIE, 1931) Couleur primaire

– – –

Rouge (R) Vert (G) Bleu (B)



x 0,640     0,300     0,150

y 0,330     0,600     0,06


sorry for my english. I'm french. Does someone can help me to configure my broadcast safe ???help



Color, Mac OS X (10.6.8)