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I'm having an issue with iTunes/ Apple TV. Actually it has been ongoing. I have a particular iTunes library shared on a private subnet (together with the Apple TVs) from a Mac Mini. I can connect and play content any time with iTunes on another computer 100% reliably. But around 60% of the time when I try to connect to it from any of my four Apple TV (2's) an error comes up saying "Could not connect to "<home shared iTunes library name>" ", "Make sure the computer is on the same network as your Apple TV. the iTunes version is up to date and iTunes is running". The answer to those questions (as always with such messages is obviously 'yes':

  1. Yes of course we are on the same network. If I wasn't, the library wouldn't have even shown up in the first place before selecting it
  2. Yes iTunes as always is the latest version thanks to Mac Software Update
  3. Again 'dah'. See response #1


If I restart the offending iTunes library the error is resolved (although sometimes it does require reboot of the Apple TV) but could reappear as early as within the next 24 hours. This issue has been occuring for a very long time however appears to be increasing in frequency. It occured as well on the Apple TV (v1).


Anyone with clues on what's going on here?




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    Same problem. Bump.

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    the reliability of apple equipment has become suspect at best, i have only apple equipment and still have this home sharing problem. it's pretty bad when your own equipment and software doesn't work together. it's kind of like mercedes, once upon a time they were rock solid but now, not so much. other than the design of the equipment, at this time i can't recommend apple products.

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    If home sharing is a problem for you, you probably need to look at your network. The Apple TV and the other Apple components that are sometimes coupled with it, work perfectly well for the majority of users. In the vast majority of cases the problem usually lies with the users network.

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    Pretty sure you're right Winston. Question though is how to resolve? My LAN/ Wireless LAN is hosted via an Airport Extreme which also does DHCP. Mac Mini on Ethernet LAN shares the library and other Mac's and Apple TV on the Extreme's wireless. iTunes to iTunes no issue but iTunes to all 4 Apple TV ... frequently has this issue. Either there is some hardware issue or a bug. I suspect the latter.

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (90,065 points)

    Have you considered interference.

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    I agree that the first debug point should be the network. Though like Greg, I use a Mac Mini to serve up movies to a couple of Apple TVs. From the 'problem' Apple TV, I could see other iTunes movie libraries on other Mac(s), and those would work/play fine. It's only when I try to connect to the iTunes Library of the Mac Mini that I have this issue. It's almost like it's asleep, and doesn't respond. Though I can mount the library folder, and play movies from other Macs w/o a problem while the Apple TV still has the problem.


    As Greg mentions, closing and re-opening iTunes on the Mini solves the issue (though only temporarily).


    The only difference that I have (non-consistency) is that my Mac Mini is an older model, and cannot be upgraded to run Lion (10.7.x) like my other Macs. The Mini is running 10.6.8, and iTunes 10.6.1 (32-bit). My Macs are running 10.7.3 and the 64-bit version of iTunes 10.6.1.


    Is it possible it could be a 10.6 vs. a 10.7 issue? Greg, which version of OS X are your Macs running?

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    Until recently, I had mine working with an old macbook pro that ran 10.6.8, it wasn't my main library and as such it's currently loaned to a friend for a few weeks, but it worked just fine, so it's not a 10.6.8 issue.

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    The Mac Mini was upgraded to 4GB of memory and then to Lion so it's now on 10.7.3 . It hasn't improved things at all. My Mac Mini is an old one as well. My next thought is to upgrade to a new one ... an expensive way to test a hopeful fix I must admit.

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    Hi gld


    I have the same problem.  And the solution for me may sound primitive. but after reading this post, i realized am not the only one.  But Airplay was working fine from my Ipad.  So i know it's not the connectivity. 


    So, I just resest the apple TV. by pulling out the power plug and placing it back.  to my surprise it's working now, and my itunes library can be detected.


    again, sorry to cite the obvious, but make sure all your gadgets share the same wifi network, and same itunes login.  am just citing because i have 2 wifi networks at home.


    good luck!

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    Hi Steven. Yep. That works for me too however it gets kind of tiring having to reboot 3 x Apple TVs x 3 x daily!!



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    I am having the same problem. It's sad because it feels like they're taking a page out of HP's handbook and selling beta products and fixing the problems as they come. I am in my son's room and can access Netflix and the trailers just fine but can't access the shared library. The ATV downstairs can access it just fine. I actually resorted to the iPad2 so that my son could finish watching the movie in bed (he fell asleep before it ended). I have FOUR ATVs and second guess the purchase sometimes. I just hope it's my network because when they do work it's an amazing experience.

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    Same here, VERY frustrating.  I have both 2nd & 3rd gen atvs on my network

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    I have this issue as well, with Gen 2 and Gen 3 Apple TVs.  Likewise, iPads and iPhones are not affected by the problem, and it is easily resolved by a restart of iTunes. (Nonetheless, irritating after you get settled in to watch a movie.)


    I must disagree that the problem is the network as some other users suggested.  Network problems would be common to other iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone, and these devices are not affected—only the Apple TVs, which would imply an issue there.  Furthermore, I have done network analysis ad nauseum on another issue (Netflix issues), and am confident that I don't have any issues there any more.


    For me, rebooting the Apple TV does not necessarily help.  It has to be the iTunes on the computer performing the sharing that needs the restart.

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    On an Apple computer go to computer preferences, choose security, under firewall choose advanced and make sure allow incoming connections is checked beside Itunes.

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