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Ever since we upgraded to ios 5.1 on our iphone 4 and 4s our data consumption has been exceeding our limits.  How can I fix this problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Bump. My boss upgraded his phone to 5.1 and consumed 8GB in 8 days. The carrier started sending notices when he exceeded his 2GB limit.


    His phone was an out of the box config. He only had factory apps on the phone.


    I think that Apple/AT&T might have a serious issue going.

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    Highly unlikely there is a widespread issue here.


    Is there an Exchange account set up on his phone? The others? If they are all displaying the same behavior, and you've eliminated 3rd party apps as the culprit, I'd strongly suspect a communication problem linked to Exchange.

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    Same here. Wife and I both have 4S models. OS 5.1 is causing massive data usage according to carrier, yet iPhone's own Cellular Data usage numbers are normal. There's a massive discrepancy between Apple's report of cellular data use, and the carrier. iOS reports 600MB used in about 6 months, which is about normal. Carrier reports 750MB in just the first 6 days of this billing cycle. Wife does not have Exchange or ActiveSync.


    What I find most odd is that whatever AT&T is seeing for data use, the iPhone isn't seeing it the same way. It's not even close.

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    Same problem here.  I have 5 phones on my account and here's the data from the last month. 





                          Usage*       AT&T          % Difference

                          _______    _______      -------------------

    iPhone 4S       858MB     3,508MB          308%

    iPhone 4         178MB       229MB           29%

    iPhone 4         72MB         72MB             0%

    iPhone 4S       114MB       1,705MB        1395%

    iPhone 3G       122MB        266MB          118%


    AT&T data group is clearly denying this, claiming that they can't confirm that what the phone reports is consistent with what AT&T sees.  Note that a different group in AT&T did speak with Apple and confirmed that usage on the phone via *Settings, General, Usage, Cellular Data Usage (reset at the beginning of the billing period) should match AT&T's systems. 


    We need someone from AT&T to dig in to this and confirm whether their data collection is accurate.