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Michael Schulz Level 1 (55 points)

On my iPhone I have a recurring appointment which when it was originally entered succesfully synced to my iMac via iCloud.

Recently I deleted this recurring event from my iMac but I still find it as a recurring event on my iPhone.

When I tap on the event on the iPhone it quits the calendar immedeatly.


Anybody an idea how to get rid of this event from the phone ?

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I have a recurring event I have created with my MacBook Air iCal. I have synced my cal to my iPhone 4S and iPad Mini, all with the latest software. I deleted the event from one day from my Air but after syncing I find it still on my iPhone and iPad. Then I deleted two other recurring events from another day using my Air and they disappeared nicely from my laptop but after syncing not from my mobiles.


    "Funny" thing, I deleted then these three events manually from my iPad and after syncing just the laptop and iPad two of the three deleted events came back on my iPad even that they did not exist on the laptop or the iPad! I don't use iCloud.


    Events resurrected..! How about that.