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help! my 3-4 year old ipod classic suddenly won't charge, no matter what the dock or trying via usb and computer, it wasn't dropped or anything,it just stopped charging all of a sudden.

mini, ipod classic--160 gb
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    If a new/different known working cable doesn't work or plugging the iPod directly into a wall socket, try to check the iPod's dock connector port for any signs of damage or debris that maybe blocking the pins from properly connecting with the USB cable.


    Otherwise, it sounds like your iPod's battery is completly shot and in need of a replacement.  You can opt to have Apple replace the battery for a flat fee or you can send it to a third party repair company to have them do the same job for al ittle less.



    For third party repair centers do a simple Google search for "iPod battery replacement" and you should get a plethora of results to work with.