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On Apple Mac Pro 3.1 aluminum keyboard, the control option key combo on left side of key board does not work. Work around is to use control option on right side.


Left control with right option works but not all the time. The left option key is dead. Left command key works all the time.


In a test of all keys, the = sign above num pad 8 does not work. Can't say that I ever tried it before. 


Be happy to hear/see if there is some magic cleaner/trick that might fix this?

MacPro 2.8 GHz, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Although there are two USB ports on most Mac keyboards, there is only enough power to run at most ONE low-power Apple mouse. If you plug anything into the other "convenience" port, the entire group of devices will malfunction and probably not produce an error message.

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    Thanks for suggestion.
    Have been using one of 2 Keyboard Usb's for mouse. Left Option key does not work without mouse there either.

    Fortunately the Control, Option and Command keys are duplicated to the right of the space bar on this thing.


    Interesting about the = sign above numpad 8 is that it works in Lion but not Windows.

    Maybe a strong jet of air - have to ask a friend who has electric portable compressor? that he uses to fill his tires with. It has a jet attachment for it which would be worth a try.   


    Reset Pram makes no difference.

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    "Keyboard Viewer", can be very helpful in chasing these sorts of problems. It is available when you show it on the MenuBar through:


    System Preferences > Language & Text > Input Sources > [√] Show Input menu in menuBar