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Made a few missteps while cloning my drive to an external destination.

I need to get my internal drive reloaded. Preferrably with a clone BACK.


I keep getting kernel panics & cannot boot from what I have managed to clone back.


Looking for insights.



  1. cloned my drive (formatted SL X.6.8) to an external USB (yes, its a tad slow) in order to test drive my applications on Lion.
    This was done using Intego's Personal Backup. The backup wound up being unjournaled.

  2. Made a stupid mistake allowing the internal drive to be optimized by TechTool (it was journaled).
    I assume this could be the first cause of my problem.

  3. Since that internal partition would not boot any longer & the icon would not show, I used Disk Utility to repair the volume.
    The volume is a partition on my internal drive. The second partition is formatted for Windows. that's intact.
    After repairing, the icon is back.

  4. Apparently you can only back up Time Machine back to the original drive FROM the original drive (?). Although
    I am not very recent in Time Machine backups, having turned it off a few weeks ago anyway.

  5. I then tried to clone BACK to the internal using CCC. It seems to have put the folders back.
    On start up I have the options of External clone (not the actual name), Windows partition, or "EFI" which may not be the
    internal, rather a TechTool Boot of some sort.

  6. I'm going to try & retrace the same step - of clearing that internal partition & try to load a clone from the external clone one more time,
    to see if it becomes bootable.

I'm hoping not to have to reload from my install disk from scratch.
Any ideas?

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    A little more in the way of posed questions:


    Can I back up to the internal drive (reformatted as Mac journaled) - and recover or re-apply the journaling?


    Do I need to reformat that partition UNjournaled to clone back since the backup is unjournaled? Consequences of that action?


    No way to restore from the earlier Time Machine state?
    (Either after re-installing SL from installation disk or otherwise).


    Any redeeming value in going forward with a new SL install that makes it worth the trouble, assuming there's a path that can restore the clone? (a ton of software to reload & reconfigure).



    * One of those web backup services look really good about now.

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    You made a **** of a mess.

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    Charming and useful response.

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    Data Rescue on whatever you got, pick through the pieces and rebuild your boot drive from scratch.


    New copy of OS X, Bootcamp, programs and a same named user, return what files you got recovered and erase the rest, consider it a lesson about overcomplicating things.


    TimeMachine works with TimeMachine/Migration Asisistant, clones work with cloning although one can use Migration Assistant on a clone, Bootcamp Windows is in it's own universe with Winclone, don't mess with or between one another, surely not on the originals.


    Apple is not working with Microsoft, cloning software is not working with Apple or Microsoft, Integro isn't working with anyone, everything is a kludge, there are different drive formats, partition maps and copy protection schemes, Apple even shoehorns Windows onto a Mac with a Hybrid MBR!


    You have to know what you can use and where one ends and the other begins.


    Good Luck

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    fwiw: All is well.


    Clearing just that partition, reformatting it journaled,

    and installed Snow Leopard from the installer disk worked.


    The the external clone was migrated back using Migration Assistant.

    The OS updated to latest files with a download of X.6.8 combo. DIdn’t miss a beat.


    Excepting that you cannot migrate to the same User & machine name, from that name.


    Took up too much of my day, but wasn’t as bad as or as lengthy as making the original clone onto the external drive. I probably should have used migration assistant to do that the first time instead of the 5-1/2 hr overnight

    with Personal Backup.

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    Yes - I'm beginning to think that to qualify to move to a higher level in the Apple Discussions Forums, the more dismissive, rude, and unhelpful you have to be.

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    One thing about the migration & test of apps on Lion:


    I have Lion on a USB external for the test. It simply is too exasperatingly slow to be a very good test in daily use. Testing old apps rigorously for a few days is the only way this is a viable way to proceed, but that's time-consuming. (Which is why I dismissed it originally).


    There is not enough time in my day for me to properly test the apps which were flagged as marginal under Lion.

    A very perfunctory examination of InDesign CS4 says it DOES work in my experience, but jury is out how well. I had a few odd issues with Photoshop Extended CS4 that PS CS3 did not exhibit on Lion. Have not tested all apps.


    Ultimately, I don't yet know if anything is seriously broken under Lion!