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My iMac experienced a crash under Win7 once and I applied automatic repair by Windows (not system restore). After that I noticed that wireless (bluetooth) Apple Keyboard and Mouse started to work with some missing functions: e.g. fn key not working, trackpad on the mouse also not working. In Device manager I found the reason = Apple drivers for the devices were missing and replaced by Microsoft drivers. I applied BootCamp repair option from my iMac install DVD (which came with iMac - I had to manually start the setup.MSI in the drivers directory, because autorun did not give this possibility ), saw on the screen that all the relevant drivers plus all other involved drivers were being reinstalled. After restart the result was nill... No Apple drivers appeared with the devices under question with no apple keyboadr or mouse appearing in the list.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Try Device Manager - Driver - uninstall driver, or rollback.


    might also if that isnt' enough use Programs control panel and uninstall Apple Boot Camp, however.... seeing you are not using Lion and 4.01, then looks likely that you had updated Boot Camp beyond 3.04 to 3.2 or 3.3 making it harder to reinstall 3.04 driver versions.

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    I've tried all you advised : In Device Manager = uninstalled Microsoft drivers and rolled back, uninstalled them gradually one by one, them in a heap, but no result, Microsoft drivers persisted. Apple drivers were being installed only allegedly but not actually. Them I uninstalled BootCamp service (using BootCamp means) but attempting to roll it back was a defeat: from now on and on each next attempt the BottCamp installer starts to install Nvidia drivers (though there is ATI Radeon 5670 card inside !!!) with a quite obvious result ="unforseen error...2753". If again I try to install BootCamp drivers only,  I get same result as in the beginning of my complaint.

    Now I have a completely non-usable device with non-functioning keyboard and mouse (windows loads with no problems, though, as before) and  I'm writing this msg under Mac Os...

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    I can't help that Apple may look to install AMD or Nvidia when you don't have any, though it has never caused trouble (other than black screen or bad drivers). It seems benign.


    Uninstall BOOT CAMP from Programs should be a must.


    Driver Sweeper 3.x is what people use and has been around for years to get rid of graphic drivers and a few others.


    There use to be the Microsoft Uninstaller Cleanup Utility that was helpful in such cases.


    Sometimes we just have to punt. Nuke and start over. Lesson leaned.

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    In the meantime I've installed another wireless keyboard+mouse working with USB 2.4Ghz radio. This is a temporary way-out, of course. Furthermore, I revealed that my Boot Camp version is 4.0 (a tiny grey icon on the toolbar was helpful for this revealation) - in fact, the update had been done long ago automatically and thus I never paid attention to the versions or smth - I simply agreed to any updates arriving from Apple...

    Thus, I exerted Boot Camp services uninstall by means of the shipped-with-the-computer DVD's B-Camp ver 3.1...

    And thus, I guess, I "achieved" all the remaining Apple drivers uninstalled. It is clear that ver.3.1 BotCamp services would not install over 4.0; - am I clever to guess?

    How to reinstall Boot Camp 4.0 services (if they are killed now) and where can I get the appopriate drivers to work perfectly under 4.0? I cannot find any in Downloads.

    Thanks for Your interest and hints relevant to my problem, "the hattter".

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    I've searched info on installing Windows drivers and found that "The Boot Camp Assistant should download the correct drivers for your computer". I followed the instructions in the end received the following msg:"Download can not be completed. Windows support software is not available". If this is it?!! Apple support resources and opportunities end-up here!

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    Finally, I solved my problem in the following way. 1-st I discovered my BootCamp version is 4.0 (autoupdated from 3.1)

    After unsuccessful attempts to get the proper drivers from Apple support (they allegedly have no separate drivers for BC ver.4.0 for distribution) and from BootCamp Assistant (it simply "refused" to provide me with the download of drivers for unknown reasons)  - I  obtainesd the necessary BootCamp 4.0 pack from "kind people"...

    From the pack I chose AppleBluetoothBroadcomInstaller and got it ready for a quick launch in a separate window.

    The I killed the native Broadcom 3.0 driver from windows Device Manager, clicked "Scan for hardware changes" there and instantly  launched the-ready-to-be-clicked Apple...Installer. That was the trick! Bluetooth device had been working in a wrong way without Apple driver, I guess. The miracle was before me : Bluetooth Apple keyboard and wireless mouse were unveiled and started to work!!! At least now the unfortunate FN KEY was functioning and also the SCROLL FUNCTION of the b-t mouse. I cannot locate, though, the Apple keyboard driver, but I see Microsoft driver for "HID Keyboards" attached to Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator (w-w-what is it...?).