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I have a wedding tape from 1999 that is on VHS that I am converting to a DVD.  I have my camcorder hooked up the vhs player with the av cables hooked up correctly.  Then I have a fire wire cable running from my camcorder to my imac and importing the footage into imovie.  Everything is working well except one little problem.  The original footage that is on the vhs tape was shot with two camcorders.  They are both transfering the video just fine but I am only getting audio transfer from one of the original camcorders.  You can hear both audio on the vhs tape just fine but when you transfer it only the one camcorders audio comes through.  So, it will show camcorder 1 footage shot and you can hear and see the footage fine and then it will go to the other camcorder 2 shot and you can only see the footage and not hear the audio.  What do you think the issue is.  Do you think it is the original camcorders or something that I have set-up.


I appreciate any help or advice I can get.