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hello ive had windows 7 ultimate x64 on my macpro 2011 os x lion version 10.7.3 so far i didnt have no problems with the windows now i been trying to connect my bluetooth headset on windows but i found out that bluetooth was no where to be found i searched for it but all i could find was tranfer files which it never did connect to my phone also i did install the drivers u have to install after u install windows also i seen people saying to go to device manager and then to bluetooth radios i went but i couldnt find no bluetooth radios could anyone tell me what to do because i want to use bluetooth on windows too on mac it works perfectly.

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    There are many post's on the same Bluetooth issues, it seems to work great with some and not for others, here's a start so just read the posts and follow some the links and you should find a solution.

    No one fix works for every one so you might want to do your own search here if non of these work.

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    yes i am awared of that, the thing is that in windows it doesnt detect bluetooth at all i tried installing apple bluetooth drivers manually found in WindowsSupport and when i clicked on it it says Apple Inc. Bluetooth Status: Not needed (No device for update present) meaning its like if i didnt have bluetooth.


    Like i said before it does work perfectly on mac but when i go to windows 7 it doesnt i also dont see Bluetooth Radios in Device Manager i tried alot of stuff nothing worked

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    Let's make sure you understand the background of what is going on here,

    Windows and the MacOS are two different operating systems. Windows is written for many different hardware machines from 3rd party manufacturers and the Mac OS is written exclusively for their own hardware which they make. Apple wrote some drivers (Boot Camp) for Windows to use the Apple hardware as efficiently as possible. No more no less. Your hardware device's, sound, wireless, Bluetooth, etc, will always work while in the MacOS because it was made to. (well, in theory anyway's)

    Windows either has a minimum set of drivers or it will download a set for you in order to use the hardware or the manufacturer has to ship a driver with the device.

    Apple use's similar hardware as the Windows machines so you can usually go to the manufacturer to download their drivers directly instead of using the Boot Camp drivers.


    With all that said, installing ANY OS is a hit or miss some times. Windows has few more issues then the Apple OS because of the different hardware it's written for, not to mention the manufacturers are supposed to follow Microsoft's guide lines for compatibility.

    Windows has a few problems for wireless and Bluetooth on dedicated Windows machines if you do a Yahoo/Google search so it's just a matter of finding the right fix.

    It's not uncommon to have one problem after another with one install and just a simple reinstall of Windows (or Mac) and you can have a perfectly running machine. That's just the nature of the beast.


    In your case if Windows doesn't see the hardware (Bluetooth card) then there isn't much you can do except what's been mentioned before for fixes.


    When you trouble shoot Windows you always make sure it works on the Mac side as it's supposed to and if it does then it's a Windows problem or a driver issue.


    You can boot into the Windows installer and "Repair Windows Installation" and see if that helps.

    You can use one of the driver "UNinstaller" applications that completely deletes all information for that driver so you can start fresh that's been mentioned and reinstall the drivers and see what happens.

    Or you can just reinstall Windows and see if it works. It has taken a few times for others and once for some.


    Other issues that seems to be related to the W7 with SP1 installer disk/image is, Wireless, Bluetooth, and headphone/mic setups.

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    Well like i said before it does work on mac but when i boot on windows 7 it doesnt detect any bluetooth device. Also, i was planning on reinstalling windows 7 again but the thing is that i have too much stuff here and i dont know how to back that up

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    also i heard reinstalling windows doesnt technically fixes the problem

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    Yes I did notice you mentioned it worked on the Mac side, Good job.


    Don't forget to go Microsoft's support page to learn where everything is and other areas to look for or read what they suggest to help. That is the place to get to know how to use Windows and to know all the wording if your confused. Apple only supports the install of Windows and basically nothing else.


    You can re-install Windows over the old install just like you can with the Mac OS and it should just reinstall the core files and shouldn't touch your documents and some of the settings. It's been years since I've done it myself but it's still supposed to work the same. Microsoft's support site will tell you exactly what it changes.

    In order to backup your Windows partition you will need an external HD to use and a Windows compatible backup program to do it, Time Machine won't work. Again Microsoft or a Yahoo/Google search will answer most of your questions.


    This is just a user to user forum here, this is not the place if your looking for a paid Apple technician to fix your problem, so unless you just read the last dozen or so pages of this forum or try a search for "Windows MacBookPro Bluetooth" then your gonna have to figure it out yourself.

    You can even select the Bluetooth, Networking, Airport and Wi-Fi catagorie and it will give a lot of post's.


    Don't forget to do a Yahoo/Google search also as there are many other Mac sites with information available also.