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Is it advisavle to install Windows 8 Consumer Review using Boot Camp. Does the Windows support software (CD burned during creation of Boot Camp), has drivers to support Windows 8 installation.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Windows 8 has not been released yet, much of it is 'preview' rather than functional and no, there are no drivers for it but some people have success with 7 drivers from Boot Camp.

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    Some people have success - so its not common - so not worth taking the risk?

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    That's up to you really, Win 8 is quite interesting, not suitable for use yet (hence the consumer review appellation) but shows the direction MS are taking. I installed it in a VM (that way I can just delete it when I want to) and am already totally underwhelmed by it, but it's just a preview.


    Install Virtual Box (free) Win 8 will run in it.

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    IE10 is a significant improve and works and runs better.


    Recovery and wait time to recover pages and Explorer are shorter and better.


    The one area that does need work are the graphic drivers, more so for AMD than Nvidia at this point.


    Under the hood it feels like they did find many ways to improve and optimize the code base.


    So once you know to use the Command key to get into and out of Metro and a few items, Metro is the part that is not ready (and for some never will be) overall I am finding it better than 7. I used 7 from just before RC stage because that  too was a step up from Vista SP1 or 2.


    I don't like the direction Lion took either with its new iDevice feel.


    8's RC comes in June.

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    Yes, I agree about IE10 but still wouldn't recommend this as an OS to rely on rather than sample, but it's looking good (well, not sure about Metro) But then again I always like NT4, (Plain Jane though it was)

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    I don't rely on OS - not without a game plan, redundant backups.

    I have no trouble with 8, nothing that is worse than what I "relied" on before.


    The one place where people might need to be concerned is in their lack of choice for security programs. I imagine Symantec has some kind of Beta, but Kaspersky won't and on my last install even MSSE would not install so now I use the built in MS Windows Defender along with SuperAntiiSpyware and MalwareBytes.


    Sleep, hibernate work better and those are reliable.


    If there is an issue, then maybe it is with something I don't use.

    Even Apple drivers installed just fine (3.0 thru 3.3)

    I did have to upgrade one program (would have anyway).


    Funny about how they tweaked and improved IE10 like they did.

    I use to have trouble with IE8 and 9. Not this.

    And things that brought those to their knees.

    So something was done under the hood to make the kernel better... more reliable. Not less.

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    Hi all


    I have successfully installed Win8 on my MacPro and its works fine with the Support Software for Windows 7 downloaded using Boot Camp. I was Running Win7 before and I find Win8 Performing better.


    Please use Boot Camp to download latest Support Software for Win7 and that works just fine except the display will dim automatically after few seconds, but you can increase the brightness again. Also the sound works however I see a Sound Device Driver missing in Device Manager.




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    Your Mac always needs the audio driver from RealTek and AMD has drivers for Windows 8.

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    Also the Screen dimming can be fixed by disabling the option as below:-


    Control Panel

    Power Options

    Power Plan's Change Plan Settings

    Change Advance Power Settings

    Display >> Enable Adaptive Brightness


    You May Disable this for Battery and on AC Power to avoid getting the random brightness diming issue.




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    Are you on a workstation? or not. sounds like not.

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    No I am on a Mac Book Pro End 2011... I just installed Win8 and finding it better then 7 in all aspects... lets See how the final release goes... being a MS Employee we get to hear a lot.... But will wait until the RC and the RTM is out...