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MacBook OS 10.7.3


Hi everyone--


I am having trouble getting sound out of my Jaybird SB2 headset.  The status bar shows that the device is connected ("Use as Audio Device")  but no sound comes through the headphones.  So, I opened up Bluetooth Setup Assistant, and the SB2 shows up on the list.  I spoke with Jaybird, and they told me to try forgetting the connection and do it again, so I did.  The heasdset blinks twice (in blue) which indicates that the headset has been paired successfully.  The sound came through the MacBook speakers.  Then, I went back into System Preferences > Sound, selected SB2 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones.  Pressed "play" on my keyboard, and now no sound at all--none from the headset or from the computer speakers.  Then, I went back in to Sound Preferences, selected the option for SB2 (not stereo), clicked play, and got a pop-up window:


"A Bluetooth audio error occurred:  There was an error connecting to your audio device.  Make sure it is turned on and in range.  The audio portion of the program you were using may have to be restarted" with a button that reads:  "Stop using headset."  I click the option (the only option btw), and the sound on my MacBook starts back up.


Back to System Preferences > Bluetooth.  The message: kristinefromca's MacBook is the name Bluetooth devices use to connect to this computer.  I select "on" and "discoverable."  Below are my devices, and it says that the SB2 is not connected.


The Jaybird SB2 works flawlessly with my iPad 2 and my Android phone.  But with my MacBook running 10.7.3  --zilch.


Thanks for your help! 





MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)