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I'm trying to help a technophobe friend update her iPad from 4.3.3 to 5.1. She's done no upgrades to her iOS since getting her iPad. I've done each of mine seamlessly. I am completely perplexed and haven't found an answer to our dilemma since we embarked on this quest. To make it more challenging for me, she has a PC so I'm in foreign territory working on her computer. She also hasn't turned on her laptop in the year she's had her iPad so we had to update iTunes. That part went fine.


We ended up syncing her iPad about three times so all of her apps and music are up to date on the PC and the iPad. The update of the of the iOS appeared to work each time. It took the 89 minutes it predicted at the start. The update message says it's 5.1 and it says it will install after downloading. We have now gone through this process FOUR times. That's a lot of hours for nothing. The last time we actually babysat the process. It was as exciting as watching paint dry. It appeared to flow fine concluded in front of our eyes. The ipad switched to the wallpaper screen and had a small tone. The Apple came back to the top iTunes banner. Then NOTHING. I checked Settings>General>About and it still said Version 4.3.3. We uncounted the iPad, turned it off and powered it up again and it is still on 4.3.3.


What are we doing wrong?


Her iPad is the Verizon model and I saw in one thread that said there are three varieties of upgrades but I don't know how to verify the right one is downloading from iTunes. I would hope the iTunes connection can detect which version is needed.


I also found on the Apple website the list of four upgrades she neglected before 5.1. It indicates those older updates are available in iTunes but I can't figure out where to get to them. The Upgrade button goes right to the 5.1 version. I'm wondering if there are components in those incremental updates that she needs before 5.1 will work, or does 5.1 install everything she's missed along the way?


Any help or insight on this frustrating situation will be appreciated.

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    Was trying to direct you to a discussion on manual update but link doesn't work.


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    I solved this problem with detective work and hints from another discussion thread. I detailed my solution here on the 3 April 2012 entry of the following thread:


    iOS 5.1 won't upgrade my iPod & iPad 2 on my newer mac, but it will install perfectly to my sisters same model iPod using an old windows laptop in the same internet connection in the same house

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    Perhaps someone else is struggling with the same roadblock. You cannot jump from 4.3.3 to 5.0 or beyond over a wireless connection. You must be plugged in with an ethernet connection to your internet. After 5.0 you can update OTA, translation Over The Air.


    I don't know if the OP (Original Poster) was trying to do it wirelessly with a Mac, but in my case it had nothing to do with being on a PC or Mac (with the exception of me being in foreign territory in her house and on her PC - MacLoyal, I am) and everything to do with not having a wired connection to the net.

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    How do I connect my ipad to internet via ethernet? Thanks!

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    I believe you just need to connect your supplied iPad cable to a USB port on your computer.

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    I have a conundrum.  My iPad1 is stuck on iOS 4.3.3. It's connection for charging does not recognize it is connected.   It will trickle charge up over night.   It does not think it is charging.  And it certainly won't show up as connected to my computer or iTunes, forget using all my music or iCloud.  This is incredibly frustrating.  Apple won't help.  The nearest store is 3 hours away appointment only no mail ins to see if they can fix it.  I've made several investments in apple products and just cannot accept there is no ability to wirelessly update the iOS for situations like mine.   Heck they should have replaced the defective POS or let me send it in for some partial credit for the ipad2. Alas I did not recognize the issue for 13 months since I never connected it other than the day I purchased it, and just plugged it in each night without watching the charging status failure.  Now I can't update apps without iOS 5.   What a bunch of you know what.   Any ideas other than enjoy my web surfing interface stuck on 4.3.3?