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Aperture won't empty trash on my 2ghz core duo (old school) MacBook. I have imported .jpg .nef. .raw whatever and attempted to delete straight off without editing or modifying the file in any way and it simply won't empty. I put back everything in my trash and put only one freshly imported .jpg (to keep it simple) and nothing, aperture trash just wont go. My Mac is down to a few kb on space and it's truly frustrating. This I might add was (surprise) after an update. I've been using aperture since day one but update after update something goes wrong. Prior to the update I could freely delete files and all was well. It really ***** that apple tech support wants to charge me to figure out what happened since the update they provided is not working properly on my machine. Just like most of us here I have spent countless hours telling people how great apple is and converting countless more to "the dark side" not to mention all the idevices I have purchased since the apple IIe! C'mon apple don't bite the hand that feeds you, although you can feed yourself now you should still support your people. Any help or suggestions would be much appriciated.

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    What kind of items are remaining in the trash? Albums and folders as well or only images?


    To test what might be wrong, try to create an empty album and move it into the Aperture Trash. Then empty the Trash. If the album is not removed from the Trash, then you may have a problem with your Aperture Library;  try to fix the permissions and/or repair the Library using the "First Aid", see here:
    Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3805


    • If the album is removed correctly, but images cannot be deleted, then you may have a problem with your system trash, see here:
      Solving Trash Problems: http://thexlab.com/faqs/trash.html


    Post back, if you need further directions.




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    Sadly, none of the stock suggestions work. Again, I am not new to aperture by any stretch of the imagination and I have looked through the support community for similar issues and followed their suggestions of witch this is one. I can't get an answer from apple since they just read out of a book that gives the standard resopnse. I spoke with several "geniuses" at two different apple stores and I had to literally explain to one of them what aperture was while the other suggested I come back when the guy who used it a couple times was there! So ive done all the permissions fixes, ive done the empty album and no it doesn't delete, I've reinstalled from time machine and still nothing. I can only speculate that the software cant run properly on my core duo machine. The previous update wouldnt even run on it. When I called apple they said oops, we don't know why your machine updated since aperture now requires core 2 duo minimumly. I couldn't even open aperture for over a month until the patch came out that allowed aperture to work again albeit without the ability to empty the aperture trash! It's killing me.

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    Have you checked if the Aperture trash problem is system wide or tied to your account, i.e., does it happen if you launch Aperture from a different account?

    And have you tested if it is only your main Aperture Library where you cannot empty your trash, or is it the same for all Aperture libraries?


    So as it is, it is hard to guess what the problem might be, without narrowing the options down a little ...

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    This is a prokit problem. Follow these instructions to fix it.


    In /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks move ProKit* out of the way


    Grab ProKit 7.0 (SnowLeopard) from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1385


    (If that link is broken, google for ProKit 7.0 Update and download the isntaller)


    Install it.