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Hello people!


Thanks for taking time to read this.


  • I have MacBook 13inch 2010
  • I game WoW and LoL mainly on my Alienware
  • I need to install Windows on my MacBook to game LoL and for better WoW performance
  • I cannot find bootcamp download for my model
  • All I can find is "support pages" with useless support notes etc
  • All I can find is stuff for MacBook Pro - useless for me


Please can anyone help me to find Bootcamp, i.e. where I can literally install Bootcamp and not read useless notes etc.


I have windows 7 installed on a CD, all I need is to install Bootcamp and dedicate memory space for my Windows.



Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you for your tips/advice in advance.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2010