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Hi all,


I don't know why but a recently I've been asked to enter my icloud password related to my iCloud e-Mail address.


stupidly, I've forgot what my password is. is there a chance to reset it somehow?


To explain the situation a bit better and what I've tried already, here a short discription of the situation:


- I do have a appleID that is called firstname.lastname@gmail.com the related password is appleID_Password1.

with this combination I also conduct my purchases in iTunes and the AppStore. But to rule this possibility already out: It doesn't let me access my iCloud eMail account in Apple Mail. Funny enough, though, when visiting iCloud.com this is the combination with which I log onto iCloud incl it's mail service within the web browser.


- the iCloud eMail address for whose password I am looking is called something like abcde@me.com. I have implemented it into my Apple Mail program running on Mac OS X Lion. Since setting up the account i've never ever been asked to enter my password. But now, out of a sudden, I was. And, of course, I couldn't remember it anymore. Hence, I don't receive any eMails sent to abcde@me.com anymore on my mac.


Can somebody tell me how to fix it, if it is not the password for my appleID??


Thanks already for all the help..!!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)