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My daugher has an icloud email account that was migrated from a family Dot ME account. All this works fine. She now has an ipod touch and wants to download some free apps. When we start to do this and login its gives the response "this apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store" . This is correct. It then offers a "review" button which wants to add additional informatiuon like name address etc. Where we stop is at the credit card details...she does not have one and im not going to put in mine. There is no option to say "no credit card". I can get around this by startiung a new apple ID account which wold give me the option but would rather keep it all under one account....any ideas?

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    Open iTunes and navigate to the app store. Select a free app to download. A simple way to do this is to scroll down to the top free apps box on the right hand side, hover your mouse over the first item and click on the free button that appears when you hover over it.

    A pop up will open asking you to sign in with your Apple ID click "create new account", click continue to create your account. Check the box to accept the store terms and conditions and click continue.

    Enter your email address, password, security question, and date of birth, click continue. Now, you will be asked to provide a payment method. Note now that the last option says "none".

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    Thanks Winston but that does nto work either. I cant use the same email address. It says that the email address is taken which is off couse is true. Its taken be her. However i have a worked around the problem....


    1. Go to app store or itune store.

    2. Select item you want to buy

    3. Login using your existing icloud email account and password and you should get the response

    "this apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store" .

    4. Click the review button

    5. Fill in the details. There is no option at at this point to say "no credit card" but there is an option to enter an itunes gift voucher number which it will accept in lieu of a credit card. (Buy a gift voucher before you start all this).

    6. Enter the gift voucher number

    7. You are done. No your icloud login and password is the same as your apple id and password.


    would be a lot easier if they just had the same optiions available here as they do when you start a ne apple ID account.

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    You have to initially enter a credit card. Then you can change it to no credit card. This seems to be Apple's bug, and they advised me to do this. Sometimes you can put 'no credit card' from the start and sometimes you can't.

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    what if i have a credit card but the billing region is not on the list? i could create an id but when i try to download free apps with that they ask for the credit card details for 'review'.


    Another problem is, I tried to create new id after trying to download an app. I had to put my name and address but I found the 'None' option at the credit card particulars and continued on to receive a verification e-mail. Instead a notification came up and said I need to contact the iTunes support for being allowed to do that.


    help please!!

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    I think you have to change the store to one that is includes your region. For instance, if your billing address is in Venezuela, choose the Venezuela iTunes Store.