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Help.  My Apple TV won't sync with my computer.  I've done all the troubleshooting tips, but Apple TV doesn't show up in my Preferences under devices.  


2. Reconnect Apple TV to iTunes.

  1. Choose iTunes > Preferences (Mac) or Edit > Preferences (Windows), click Apple TV, and make sure "Look for Apple TVs" is selected.

I see no option to select "look for Apple TV's" in Preferences, and there is no device list at all in my sidebar.


3. If Firewall is on in Mac OS X (in the Sharing pane of System Preferences), make sure iTunes Music Sharing is selected.


There is no option to select iTunes Music Sharing in my System Preferences - see screenshot


I've updated all software, restarted Apple TV, my wireless router, and my computer.  Both my computer and the Apple TV are connected to the same wireless network and both are operating properly.  They just wont connect to each other.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Is your AppleTV gen1 (grey) or is it black gen2 and gen3?


    Only the AppleTV gen1 syncs media with Tunes. The new AppleTV can only stream media and do not show up as a device in iTunes.

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    It is gen 1!

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    I also no longer have the option to stream from my computer.  I used to have a speaker icon on the bottom right that would allow me to at least play my music through the Apple TV...now it's not there.  Updated to the latest software, but don't know if that has anything to do with it

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    FIRSTLY: bookmark following for further reference (it describes basic setup, both to link for syncing and to stream - from any computer.)

    Apple TV (1st generation): Differences between syncing and streaming" )


    Now as to your problem: If you check under "Computers" in the "Settings" menu you will most likely see the name of your iTunes library Greyed out. IF that's the case, you'll basically need to re-setup your ATV., you can do so as follows (instructions are intentionally over described, but basically your disconnecting then reconnecting your ATV1. Downside (which seems to come with all methods is that you'll have to resync all your media)



    **A (not ideal but effective solution)

    If ATV 1 had been working but suddenly 'disappeared" from iTunes sidebar


    The following solution will almost surely work  to regain your ability to Sync:

    1. QUIT iTunes
    2. Select "Computers" from "Settings" Menu.
    3. Select your "greyed out" iTunes library.
    4. This will bring up a window named "Disconnect from iTunes"
    5. You're now given the choice to Cancel, or disconnect. WITH THE WARNING that if you disconnect any  content synced with iTunes, will be erased. (in fact it will be removed from your ATV but not your computer)
    6. Assuming ALL of your media IS on your computer, Go ahead and disconnect.
    7. Follow instructions in the Apple doc above about setting up your ATV as a paired computer.
    8. After you ATV gen1 reappears in the sidebar. Reset all your desired syncing preferences,
    9. Begin syncing.


    All will be fine again, (at least till the next time this occurs.) I've had to do this twice this year.




    SHARING (a QUICKER, less destructive TEMPORARY solution (if you just want to play your media now)

    You CAN set your computer to Share by following instructions in the same doc under the heading:

    "How to connect to a shared computer"

    HOWEVER, this will not allow you to sync info.



    I've read alternate solutions on this board, one involved changing the name of your iTunes Library etc... you may wish to try this first (if it applies) https://discussions.apple.com/message/17943841?ac_cid=142432#17943841



    What I'd like to know: What causes this problem...  I'm suspecting iTunes updates, or any iTunes database issues or crashes. Or maybe too many visitors connecting to your other Apple devices (ATV 2 for example) or heck the weather in Guatemala...

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    My Apple TV (Gen One) was connected to my iTunes for syncing once. It lasted about two weeks completely fine. Then earlier yesterday I went to sync a new movie to it and it wasn't showing up under my Device list in iTunes. My iPhone and iPad were though. So I have done the following:


    • Restarted my computer and did a soft reset on the Apple TV.
    • Restarted my wireless router.
    • Disconnected all devices from the router and reconnected them.
    • Disconnected the power from my router and Apple TV for a minute each.
    • Factory restored the Apple TV.
    • Did a complete uninstall of iTunes and then reinstalled iTunes.
    • Added iTunes to my Windows Defender exemption list, just in case.
    • Added every port used by ATV to the open list in Windows Firewall.


    Nothing has worked, it still will not show up in my iTunes Devices list at all.  The ATV can connect to the internet (same network) to download trailers and access YouTube, but it will not setup and show in iTunes for STREAMING or SYNCING.  I've tried to just set it up as a Shared Library, and that doesn't work either.


    Any thoughts would be great, this is really frustrating...

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    Same exact problem. Firewall off. Factory reset. Nada. This really *****.

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    What fixed my problem was turning of IvP6 Enabled on my wireless adapter.  My computer does not have wireless capabilty on it's own, so I have a USB Wireless Adapter that I use.  Under the device settings, IvP4 and IvP6 were both enabled.  Once I disabled IvP6 (leaving IvP4 on) it works completely fine now. 

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    For those still having this issue I was able to resolve this today. I'll review how I came to this but my problem was with my router and a recent firmware upgrade I did to try and increase performance of my iPhone5 and wifi


    I have Verizon Fios and the latest firmware either added or enabled the IGMP Proxy setting. Disabling this setting fixed the problem with my first gen Apple TV not showing up in my iTunes devices over wifi


    I thought the latest version of iTunes which I upgraded to this weekend was the issue but after spending most of weekend googling and trying different things including hard wiring my apple tv which immediately displayed it in iTunes I concluded it had to be with my wifi. I tried a couple things with my settings then came across the IGMP setting this morning and after disabling it my Apple TV popped up in iTunes almost immediately.


    I'm not a network guy but i read this setting has something to do with multi packets and how apple syncs so no surprise it was the issue. Unfortunately my iphone5 still *** over wifi

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    Setting multicasting from "auto" to "disable" on my Asus router solved this issue for me. Was not a problem before downloading iTunes 11 and Apple TV firmware update 5.1.1.

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    Here is how I fixed this issue. I am already running all the latest software and had done all the resets and even a factory reset and software update on the Apple TV (1st Gen) but nothing was helping. In desperation I went to the iTunes library and then ran the 'Organise Music' option, this chugged away for a while and then eventually the Apple TV showed up again on the device list. This is most likely a similar solution to the one about renaming the iTunes library. (Guessing on that one...) Hope this helps someone. :-)

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    I had the same problem. Apple are no longer updating firmware/software on this model Apple TV. You will need to buy a new Apple TV if you run Lion or Yosemite OS and want to sync with iTunes and your computer. Quote frankly, this is very poor showing from Apple unless they are willing to buy back our old Apple TV's. I miss Steve Jobs. He'd never let this happen.