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I am a total newbee! Please bear with me.

Safari 5.1 on Lion.  Keeps saying blocking flash. Wants me to download. Already tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting, clearing the cache. Driving me nuts? Don't remember seeing this before the safari update?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Select Help Installed Plug-ins from the Safari menu bar. Besides the following, what plugins are listed?



    Java Applet Plug-in

    QuickTime Plug-in

    WebKit built-in PDF

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    The add'l ones are


    Silverlight Plug-in

    Shockwave Flash

    SharePoint Browser Plugin (Microsoft Office for Mac)

    Google Earth Plug-n

    BrowserPlus (from Yahoo0 v2.98

    Amazon MP3 Downloader Plugin

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    Can you view videos on YouTube? If so, what site are you having trouble with?

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    Go to Safari, click preferences, and make sure that "HTML beta video player" is turned off. 

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    Hi ...


    If you have the ClickToFlash extension installed, that can prevent Flash based video from streaming. From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab.


    It can also be installed as a plugin in /Library/Internet-Plug-Ins.


    And check to see if Safari is running in 32 bit mode. Right or control click the Safari icon in your Applications folder then click Get Info. If the box next to:  Open in 32 bit mode  is selected, deselect, quit then relaunch Safari.

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    Yes I can. It seems to be only with yahoo mail. I know it is crap but I use it every once in a while for texting.

    I tried another browser and don't seem to have the problem.

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    I don't have clicktoflash installed. The problem only seems to happen with Yahoo mail that I use once in a while for texting or chat. I tried another browser and I am not having the problems

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    I cannot find "HTML video player beta"  in preferences

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    If you're only having problems with one site, and you can access that site in another browser, then you have a solution. It's not unusual to come across sites that don't work with Safari. It's less tolerant of defective HTML code than some other browsers.

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    since it's been a while since you last posted, i'm guessing you found a solution.


    for others that are looking for a solution to safari blocking your flash plugin: your plugin is out of date.


    you'll have to update it manually form adobe's site. close safari (or any browser) run the installer, then restart safari.


    flash will now work.


    apple has made changes to safari on behalf of security and progress. it won't tell you to update flash when it's needed. it'll just block the plugin.


    write to sites that still use flash to show you video, with no html5 option, and tell them how much they suck. maybe they'll get the message.




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    Yes u have to go to the preferences, extensions than uninstall flash blocker

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    Min happens all the time, regardless of website!


    Only thing in extentions is DIVx player!


    Any ideas? Cannot find HTML either (to turn off).


    As you can see, it says BLOCKED, but when the page first loads for a second, I can see everything, then 1-1 and 500ms later, BLOCKED PLUG IN.



    When PAGE FIRST loaded...


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    when it first loaded...I could see it, then blocked?weather1st1and500ms.jpg

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    PLUS FWIW, I installed Adobe Flash a few times wiith the most recent, yesterday!!!


    Hmmmm? Strange??


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    Adobe installed yesterday, again!!!.jpg




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