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photos wont show up in my ipod photolibrary but shows space occupied in itunes?? i even tried deleting and syncing again...ipod photo cache is empty...help pls??


i tried syncing on my new mac...but ipod photo cache is empty...i even tried iphoto and choose folders from the photos tab but no use...even after checkin package contents on the iphoto library, the ipod photo cache is empty...wat to do? please need help with dis...

only saved photos are seen in photos...all othr photos are gone and are not shown after syncing...

iPod touch, iOS 4.2
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    the ipod photo cache folder is empty and has no contents in it and thus no photos are shown in ipod. bt when i sync photos frm itunes the photo tab in itunes shows space occupied in the capacity bar. and the step 4 doesnt get completed wen syncin and jumps to finishing sync directly...

    hw can i add photos nw?

    thanks for the help..


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    Hello . I had the same issue! And also tried everything you did. I had no luck but then i just simply right-clicked my devices name and pressed " import pictures ad videos" next,  should appear a box in the corner and should say on top " import pictures and videos" and should have a green bar counting the number of pictures it is importing so far. After it has imported all of your pictures, go to your start menu, click Documents,click Desktop then Libraries and Pictures and you will see all of your pictures hopefully. ok now you would go to itunes click on the "Photos" label ,make sure the box all the way to the left of the words "Sync Photos From "folder name" is checked off, click the folder box and choose " Choose Folder.." , click on Desktop, choose Libraries then pictures, click on the folder that is filled with your pictures, press "select Folder" , click "sync" and your pictures are hopefully all uploaded to your computer! Hope I helped GoodLuck!                               


                                                        P.S i'll also send you a couple of pictures to help you out.


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