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I recieved an email from iTunes saying my episode for Fringe Season 4 "Nothing as It Seems" is ready for download, yet when I sign in the ep doesn't download and it isn't listed on the season list yet. So why do they send an email saying its ready when it clearly isn't?? Wouldn't waiting til it's up for download to send an email notification that it's ready make more sense?

iOS 5.0.1
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    Early april fools joke?


    (I'm experiencing the same problem)

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    I'm having the same issue even sent an e-mail to technical support and got the canned response.  They put another version in my account, which againdidn't download.  Because I'm guessing here, it doesn't exist on the store.  My guess as to what is going on is that it got taken down due to some formatting bug and they are fixing it. It would be nice if we'de gotten a notification though. 


    Might get more of a response if you contact technical support, then they'll realize it is not an isolated issue.


    I'll post if I get an actual intelligent response to my e-mail, or at the very least direct them to this discussion if I don't.  If you really want to watch it, it's on amazon, or if your a Hulu+ member it's up there as well.


    Which, of course is why, I'm thinking technical glitch.



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    experiencing the same issue here as well....Steve

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    I'm having the same problem... what gives?

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    Same issue here! One would think that if they found an error in the encoding process that they would be able to resolve it fairly quick. 

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    Same problem!..... I believe they took it down for some reason. The episode does not appear on Season 4 on iTunes Store.

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    I have emailed itunes support 2 times and sent a screen shot of the issue. There is no error message that I get. It simply is no available. I guess its a technical glitch as many are saying.

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    Same issue here. Episode doesn't show up on apple tv or in iTunes.


    I did notice that the email I received notifying me of the episode's availability called it episode 1. It's episode 16 of the season. Maybe that error has something to do with the problem?

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    exact same issue here!

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    Same issue and no resolution yet. Just checked the Fringe listing in iTunes and still no current episode.



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    I'm havingthe same problem.  I'm just glad to know it isn't only me.  I looked up the new episode and it should be episode 16.  I was trying in vain to check for available donwloads.

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    I've noticed in the past that the episode is usually listed as 1 on the download available emails. that shouldn't be the problem. this is taking way too long to sort out though. why bother to pay for a season pass when issues like this crop up too often?

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    So, I've heard back from the tech rep I was working with and here is what she said:  "I apologize for any misunderstanding on my end. As I know how important this concern is to you, I have spoken with a Season Pass Specialist regarding the issue you are experiencing. As you suggested, the episode has been removed from the iTunes Store and will be returned at a later date.


    At this time, I have removed the item from your pending downloads queue. Please be assured that the iTunes Store is currently working toward a resolution of the issue and hopes to have it resolved shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. "


    So yes there is a technical glitch they are working on it and it will eventually be back up, hopefully with a notification when it is.  Otherwise keep checking your purchase history I guess honestly considering it's Sunday I wouldn't expect this back up until Monday or Tuesday, but it could always be earlier.

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    This is the 2nd episode of a series I ordered (1st one, not affiliated with Fringe) that choked on download after an emailed notice was sent out that it was available. This is a new sort of glitch - possibly related to Apple's decentralizing their server farms; too much toast for too little butter, to paraphrase B Baggins. The first episode was the only one of serveral in a row that failed to download. Apple's response then was the same as here - «try all these things the robot suggests, then, so sorry, here's store credit and it will be made available at a later date.» That was 3 weeks ago. So far, nada. Now this Fringe download issue. Let's hope someone, somewhere actually takes a look at one of their master copies to ensure it was encoded properly before being put on the public server.

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