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When I plug my iphone 4s into my computer it is not detected in itunes, device manager or by drivers.  It makes the connection noise and shows the charge indicator, nothing else


My classic and shuffle connect fine on my computer

My friends iphone 4S phones connect and are detected fine on my computer

I have tried my iphone on my friends computer and it does not detect (apart from charge)

I have tried a full format and re-install of Windows

I have tried full phone reset of settings and data


It DOES detect and work when plugged into a sound dock (although i cant load music onto it so just played off youtube)


To me it like a part of iOS that syncs with the computer is broken, but I have no idea how to sort this as its not detected when plugged into a computer



Windows 7 professional 64bit all updates installed

iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1

Model MD235B

Version 5.1 (9B179)

Latest version of itunes (


Similar to this thread here



Please help as I am stuck with an iPhone 4S that I cannot get music onto

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Model MD235B, iTunes
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    I have also tried to open it in recovery mode as the thread below.  It gets to step 4 where it says connect to itunes, I connect it and nothing, it stays on the connect to itunes screen



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    I have also tried to enter DFU mode, when holding the home button in, after releasing the power button, nothing is detected in itunes or device manager


    Not sure where to go now?


    (sorry, cannot see where to edit threads)

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    Is it now stuck in DFU mode showing the 'Connect to iTunes' symbol?


    It sounds like you have tried all the steps I would suggest. I think you should contact Apple regarding having it repaired/replaced. As it's a 4S it will still be under its manufacturer warranty providing it hasn't suffered any liquid or physical damage.


    Better yet if you're near an Apple Store, book an appointment at the Genius Bar, and you'll be back up and running in no time.

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    DFU mode should not show the 'connect to iTunes symbol' from what I understand....


    I just tried to enter DFU mode and following these steps...


    The bold part as suspected does not work - computer detects nothing


    Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and launch iTunes.

    Now turn your iPhone off. Hold down the sleep / power button at the top right of your iPhone, then slide your finger across the "slide to power off" button on your iPhone's screen. (If it won't turn off, press Home and Sleep/Power until the screen goes dark, then release.)

    Once your iPhone is off, hold down both the sleep / power button as well as the home button for 10 seconds. Once 10 seconds has elapsed, release the sleep / power button on your iPhone, but continue to hold the home button until the the above message has appeared in iTunes telling you that your iPhone has been detected in recovery mode. (If you just want to go to recovery mode, skip the 10-second hold on both buttons and simply connect the phone while holding down Home, then wait for 'Connect to iTunes' screen on the phone.)

    Click OK. You're now in DFU mode.



    Im not in a city with an Apple store but I can get a train to one which wont cost too much


    No liquid or damage at all.  It has Zagg screen protectors on front and back that cost £27 (including fitting) and a thin case aswell


    I will do this, unless anyone other answers appear on here



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    If you've tried it in DFU mode then I have no suggestions except to call AppleCare or take it to a Apple Retail Store.

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    I don't think you should attempt DFUing it any more. If it doesn't fix the phone it will make it completely unusable. Book yourself a Genius Bar appointment and they'll most probably sort it there for you in a few minutes.

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    try to go to control panel, service, apple mobile device, click "start"


    hope it work

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    The service is started, i resetarted and tested and nothing.  Other iphones still wokr perfectly when connected, just not mine


    I have booked a slot at a genius bar on saturday at the UK Sheffield Meadowhall store.  I will update the thread with feedback and keep checking here for possible fixes



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    Can you not edit your own threads on here?


    This is what appears for other iphones but not my own.  I have also tried uninstalling this driver when another phone is plugged in, then plugging in mine and scanning for hardware changes.  Still nothing.  The driver re-installs when plugging in another phone



    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver installed

    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver - Ready to use

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    If your iDevice doesn't work on your computer and other computers... and other iDevices work fine, then your phone is probably at fault. If you are gettign messages like


    "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver installed

    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver - Ready to use"


    from other iDevices but not yours, then your computer is probably OK. Full reset sometimes fixes this. If it doesn't in your case (as you state), then you will probably have to take the phone to an Apple store.

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    I went in to the Meadowhall store today.  I queued up at the genius bar and it took around 10 mintues to speak to someone once signed in.  This was expected as I went on a bank holiday weekend on saturday


    Anyway, it was tested in store and did the same thing so it was replaced with a new one there and then. 


    Thanks to Chris Cutting who works at the store for sorting it so quickly


    Now all working perfectly.  Excellent service (Carphone warehouse also replaced the Zagg screen protectors onto the new phone too)