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Is it possible to use a remote with a Ipod Classic Silver 80 GB?  I purchased a new remote from the Apple Store, but it didn't work.  I went to the Apple Support and read with some documents that unless I have a docking station the remote will not work.  Well, it doesn't even work with a docking pad.  This docking pad must be one of the older ones. It says Dock Socie Base Dock, without the power cord that I purchased off Ebay. 


I don't seem to know what I'm doing, or this Ipod is limited.  What I want to do is hook my remote to the docking station through some extension speakers with a built in power supply that I use to sing Karaoke.  I'm able to play all my music through these speakers, but I would like to change songs from the remote.

iPod classic, Windows 7, The computer is 64 bit