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I want to connect my MacBook Pro i7 that has a mini Dsiplay Port/Thunderbolt port. I want to connect it to my VGA NEC LT20 DLP Projector.


I have the Apple MiniDisplayPort to VGA adapter, MB5727Z/A, Model Number A1307 and the computer does not recognize the NEC LT20, nor does the LT20 recieve the MacBook Pro as a computer or other source.


My previous MacBook Pro core duo with DVI to VGA adapter worked fine with the projector.


Is this because the Apple  MiniDisplayPort to VGA adapter is only for computer to VGA video displays?


Is there another adapter that will allow me to use my particular VGA proejctor with my MacBook Pro?


Has my replacing the old computer with the newer one forced me to shell out big bucks to for another projector, thereby making my ability to give educational lectures for free to audiences impossible?

Many & Different, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Have you tried using your mini-display port to vga adapter with any thing else? if so, dose it work?

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    I got a new large size TV with a VGA port. This TV works with the Apple VGA adapter.


    Still does not answer why it won't work with the LT20.


    My suspicion is that th the LT20 digital projector is looking for something that the Apple Thunderbolt. Does not transmit or the VGA standard built into th LT 20 is obsolete and no longer supported.

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    When you plug the projector into the computer, with the projector on, dose the computer reconize a second a 2nd display is connected?


    ie: Menu bar, click on the Apple menu, chose System Preferences, click on displays, do you see an arragment tab?


    if you do see an arragment tab, try clicking gather display windows. a window should pop up for the projector. What resolution is it set to? is there a lower resolution you could set?

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    Using microdvi to vga converter sometimes does not recognize the use projects, especially if they are older models of HITACHI. The solution I have is to turn off the amc encontardo. Connect the DVI-VGA converter to projects, TA ON, connect the mac and automatically sets the resolution to the projector and it works. The problem is that to retrieve the LCD resolution is to switch off again and back on mac.