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This is related to an earlier thread, the MacBook Pro (2010) Freeze.


Being that I have one of those MPBs (15") and I have incessant lockups, I began to read the thread but it's 113 pages long and it's going to take me years to get to an answer.


This is a US-Apple store-bought unit, but I am in Paris at the moment so these forums are all I've got (and I don't feel like going to a French Apple store, bad customer service in this country).


Anyway, I'm hoping one of the senior moderators can connect me with the right answers.


I bought this Mac in December 2010 and right away noticed major graphics cards issue (that implosion of colors and lines across the screen) so I returned it a week later (a real bad start for a guy making the switch from PC to Apple, lemme tell you). The unit I got it exchanged with appeared second-hand (but I'll just have to live with that nagging suspicion). Anyway, this new unit keeps locking up regularly, with programs like Word or iPhoto locking up constantly.


One thing that happens too is, in Safari, with multiple tabs open, the screen goes blank. For example I'll be in gmail, then switch to a tab where I had twitter opened, and that page is blank. I go back to gmail and that page is blank too. Takes about 6-10 seconds for the image to return.


The other day with Word open I started a new document and (I counted) it took 17 seconds to open.


I did try switching off automatic graphics switching 

I did try doing a complete reinstall.

I did go to the genius this past December (In Tysons Corner, VA) who told me to do the reinstall

and I did install Lion.


nothing worked.





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)