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I've just signed up for an iTunes Match account and now I can see all my husband's music in the Cloud.


We have separate iTunes accounts and separate Apple IDs. The only thing I can think of is that we have at some stage shared our iTunes libraries - even though his Mac hasn't been on since I signed up to iTunes Match.


This isn't exactly a problem (though I now have to trawl through all his weird music LOL) - but I AM curious as to why this happens. Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 (16,785 points)

    If any of those tracks are in your iTunes library, then they would have been added to the cloud.

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    No - sorry, my bad, I wasn't clear.  I'm talking about tracks that I've never had in my library which he has in his. We have separate iTunes accounts (though they share the same credit card).


    I have only just (in the last 48 hours) signed up for an iTunes Match account.


    When I checked my music on the Mac in iTunes, I could see many tracks I've never had in my library but I know he does - such as the kids' music he uses for work.  The tracks all have the symbol beside them which indicates they're in the Cloud. I'm just puzzled that my iTunes account would know what he has in his library and make it available to me, when his computer is not even switched on!


    It's true that when we both have our Macs on, we share our respective iTunes libraries via the home wifi connection. Is iTunes somehow remembering that, even though we're not sharing at the time?


    Like I said, it's not really a problem (except of course now I have even more stuff to scroll through in my library LOL!) - but I'm confused.


    Thanks anyway!

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    Check your purchase history and see if those items are there. From your description it sounds like you actually purchased those items using your account. That's really the only other reason they would be available for you to download.

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    Oh, that's weird! Even though we have separate accounts, when I check the purchase history - his tracks are there too! I can only assume it's because his account uses the same credit card as mine.


    Thanks for helping clear that up - it was niggling and threatening to keep me awake LOL!! 

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    All his tracks are in the purchase history for your account? Or just some of them. Simply having the same credit card won't do that, to my knowledge. However, purchasing those tracks while logged into your account will mean they will show up in your purchase history. You and your husband should compare purchase histories to see what music is where.