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For time time I thought this was an issue with Google and so was trying to resolve through Google forums - but I can now see it is a problem with Safari on iPhone.

When I originally set up my iPhone I was living in India, 3 months ago I moved to Scotland.

My iPhone is aware I'm in Scotland for virtually every purpose - except for the search box in the top right of Safari - which continues to think I'm in India.


I start from completely reset Safari (clearing cookies and search history) and I double press home and kill the Safari app.

I get a blank Safari screen.  If I type google in the address box, the first entry that is suggested is google.co.uk - great.

If I type google in the search box in the top right, I can see in the address box that it is using google.co.in and sure enough the first suggested site that pops up is google.co.in.  (And more practically whenever I use the search box - e.g. to find a local business - I'm always offered businesses in India at the top of the search results - and as they're 5000 miles away that's not that useful!)


So having seen that the search box is obviously configured to google.co.in, I tried changing the search provider in settings - I chose Yahoo instead - then type something in the search box and I get UK results and it does use yahoo.co.uk.  Having done this I assume if I choose Google again as my search provider it will now be intelligent check where I am and use the right google site - but it doesn't - it just puts google.co.in back again.


So I'm stuck - I want to use google, but I can't stop it using India for the search box - I guess it's a bug - when choosing the search provider Safari SHOULD check location - or at least offer an option to do so - instead of just using the same one that was used when the phone was originally configured.


Can anyone suggest a way round this?

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