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Since the last software update, I get the following error message whenever I open or try to re-download iTunes:


error capture.JPG


So have I installed other CD burning software since i've installed iTunes? I don't know, but just in case I uninstalled Real Radio and Quicktime.  I can't delete Windows Media Player, but obviously, that got on my computer before iTunes ever did.  I can't think of anything else that would count as "CD Burning Software."I haven't upgraded Windows (using Vista, by the way) aside from the free error correction kind they send me. 


In any case, regardless of what I do, how many times I uninstall iTunes and re-install it, whether all my other media software is installed or not, I get this message every time I open iTunes.


I first installed iTunes when I got my first iPhone, in February of 2010.  I've never had a problem before this latest software update.


I'm using a Dell Inspiron 530s purchased in early 2009.  I recently got the power supply replaced and the hard drive cleaned up and did have to take it back because it didn't recognize my DVD drive.  However since that's been fixed everything else has worked fine, and I can burn CDs with Windows Media Player.

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