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my MBP (early 2008) seems to have a corrupted SMC.


Operations that i think are managed by the SMC like booting and sleeping are having big issues:


  • First, to boot OSX needs about 10 minutes. After presing the power-buton the chime sounds and the apple logo appears. OSX starts loading.

         Then it suddenly stops and a blue screen appears. This blue screen stays there for several minutes. Then i can hear a little sound from the hard disc   and the desktop appears as always and i can use OSX without any problems.


  • Second, to get the MBP to sleep isnt working at all. Closing the MBP leads to a black screen, while the fans etc are still working. There is no way to wake it up again, so i have to do a force shut down.



I already formated the hard disc and reinstalled OSX 10.6 twice, but the problem still occurs.


And I already tried to reset the SMC (pressing 5sec power button etc) and tried to clean the PRAM. I have no clue if the resets were actually done. I didnt have to enter passwords etc again like i was expecting to do after a PRAM-Reset.


Any ideas what might be broken?


Is there a way to reinstall the SMC? I tried to but i got the message "Firmware is already up to date. No update necessary."





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)