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I am a 74-year-old newby to the world of Mac. I have always had to use Windows based PCs at work. After I retired, I purchased a beautiful 27" iMac and I realize that until now, I was only working with half a computer. Three times I needed to submit a question to the Support Communities, and I was greaty impressed not only by the speedy responses, but by the friendliness and knowledge of all who helped me. I don't mean to put down Microsoft, but whenever I submitted a question to their groups, IF it got answered, it was always with another question. I was never able to get a direct answer. Also the people were rather snobby and liked to show off how little you knew. I always felt like it was a private clique and I was intruding. Once, I had to call Apple for assistance and I was so impressed by the help and care I was shown. In fact, I received a call the next day as a follow-up. Don't ever try to call Microsoft for assistance. You are told at the start to have your credit card ready.


My deepest thanks to everyone. I love My new mac, and moreover, I love the help and frendliness I have gotten from the Communities. Thanks to all of you.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 27" 2.7Ghz Quad Core, 1TB hard dr
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