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    If you can run today's Java updater (it's actually more than a Java updater), it may solve your problem.

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    walterfromct wrote:


    It looks like Apple has released its Flashback fix via a software update.


    I'm not sure it'll help me, though, because I can't boot/log-in as the infected user because of the script that went awry.


    Will give it a try, though, via the un-infected user.

    Let me know if it doesn't.


    As I said earlier, your situation is fixable and I tested it something yesterday, but I'd rather give Apple a chance at it first. I'm hoping they designed it to be multi-user.

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    I don't know if it worked or not because I still can't log on as the infected user.


    Here's what transpired, so far.


    I ran the update and ended up in the same boat as I was right after I ran the Kaspersky script, i.e., my machine froze when I tried to log on as the infected user.


    So, I re-installed Snow Leopard from the disk and STILL ended up in the same boat, i.e., I still can't log on as the infected user.


    I'm temped to run a back-up from Time Machine to a point before I ran the Kaspersky script and then try the update.


    What do you suggest?

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    walterfromct wrote:


    I'm temped to run a back-up from Time Machine to a point before I ran the Kaspersky script and then try the update.


    What do you suggest?

    Best to restore to a point before you were infected, but in checking back I guess you don't know when that was. We can usually tell that by the creation date/time of one of the component files, but Kaspersky probably deleted all but the one we can't see.


    If you want to try this first, it might unlock your account.


    Open the Terminal app (found in /Applications/Utilities/)

    Carefully type the following command into a Terminal window after the "$ " prompt, substituting your infected user name  for <infectedusername>, followed by the return key:


         sudo defaults delete /Users/<infectedusername>/.MacOSX/environment DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES


    Guess I need to figure out how to put that in a scroll as it needs to be all on one line with spaces between sudo & defaults & delete & /Users..., as well as between environment and DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES


    At the Password: prompt, enter your current admin account password and hit return (you will not see any typing)


    If it says nothing it was successful and you should be able to log out and log back in as the infected user, otherwise it will give you an error message.

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    Thanks for the tip.


    To re-cap where I stand.


    I'm sure there is no Time Machine backup from a period prior to becoming infected with Flashback.  I only started using Time Machine after becoming infected.


    I set up a test user after becoming infected to see If I could load MS Office under that user, and it worked just fine.


    The Kaspersky script left me in the following situation:


    I can log on as the test user.


    However, when I try to log on as the original user, the machine hangs.  All I get is the blue Northern Lights screen.  The mouse works, but there is no dock, no icons, colored pinwheels, etc. It just hangs.  When I shut the machine down using the power button on the back and turn it back on, there's no sound and it immediately resumes where I left off with the frozen screen, etc.  However, if I shut the machine down via the power button, unplug the power cord, plug the power cord back in, and then restart the machine using the power button, the restart seems normal, i.e., there's the usual musical chord and the log-in screen appears with both the original user ID and the test ID for me to choose from.


    I'll try your technique, above, later today.


    Meanwhile, if you or others have any additional thoughts before then, feel free.

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    It Worked!


    1.     I restored my machine to the latest pre-Kaspersky point via Time Machine.


    2.     I logged on as the un-infected test user and ran the Apple Software Update.  It displayed the following message: "Malware was found and removed from your computer.  The "OSX Flashback.iv" was found and removed."


    3.     I logged on as the previously infected user and was able to re-install MS Office 2004- No Problem!  So, the Apple update was, in fact, a multi-user solution.


    So, I'm back in business.


    Thank you all for your help, and especially your patience with a non-techie like me.


    Next steps, upgrade to the latest versions of Office and Quicken, and then onward and upward to Lion.


    Thanks again.  It looks like I'm all set for now.

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