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I have tried to transfer all the voice memos to my computer - no go there is way more then 30 that transfered - why is this so complicated - how do I go in and grab them via the windows pic transfer file transfer box that appears.


Please let me know someone please  ******.com I can not do anything with the iphone that seems to be defective - what a shame. I need my mothers voice off the iphone and saved to the computer - she's not well. Someone try to help with this.



Jen A

I wish there was someone to call - not at this time of night - not even in a province thats 3 hours behind - they pretend at the store they dont know how?


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    You can sync them to your computer using iTunes by selecting to do so on the Music tab of your iTunes sync settings.  They will be transferred to a playlist called Voice Memos.  Otherwise you would have to either email them (by tapping the voice memo and using the Share button at the bottom, or purchase 3rd party software such as Touch Copy.  You can't copy them using windows explorer.