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I have a 2010 MPB which is inherently faulty. This was the second one in a row I got which was defective.


One of the issues I contend with on a daily basis is, after Word crashes (this applies to Safari as well), upon relaunching the program multiple docs reopen.


And yet, I have deselected this in the preferences (see screenshot)


Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 9.13.49 AM.jpg


This in spite of closing down each document, patiently indicating whether I want it saved or not, typing a file name where applicable, etc.


And yet, I'm having to do this again everytime there's a crash.


same thing with Safari.


What does this miserable soul have to do to have some peace? When will I have a properly working MPB?


I know some of the moderators see me as a troublemaker, but try putting yourself in my shoes for a minute.


I was sold not one, but two defective notebooks by the Apple store. My bad luck for buying MPBs in 2010, the year when apparently Apple did not catch some grave defects.


Thanks for your response



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)