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I enable root user on my Macboon Air & now when i log in using my normal account,my data such as pictures,movies etc are not found on the correct paths.but they are still inside the computer.Help anyone?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Why did you enable root?  And did you log in as root and do anything?


    Simply enabling root and not using it should have no affect on other accounts.   So if that is all you did your account problem arising now is just a coincidence.


    Just to make sure we have the terminology straight.  When you say "root" are you referring to the root user account which you enable following this procedure?  Because that is what I am assuming up to here.   Or when you say "root" do you really mean "administrator"?

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    I enabled the root user account to change the name of my home(that house icon).The thing is,I still have all my data when i log in as root user,just that it doesn't appear in the correct directory.Example:my photos are not in iphoto,my songs are not in itunes,basically i just lost my previous settings.&i didn't do a backup on timemachine.any solutions sir?

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    What ever gave the idea you needed root to do that?  Now I understand your problem.


    First put it name back to what it was, i.e., undo anything you did while running as root.


    Second, make sure everything is back to "normal", i.e., your account is running ok again.


    Third renaming the account is basically the same operation as moving your account to another drive.  Here's a couple of articles on that:


    How to Move the Home Folder in OS X – and Why

    TUAW Tip: Moving your home folder to another disk (or moving it back)


    The central theme here is that you use the  Advanced options for the account to change the home directory pathname to wherever that home directory is moved to, or in your case, renamed to.  You can do that logged in as root (since it is probably safer than doing it while logged into the same account as the one you are moving/renaming) but you could also do it from another administrator account as well without ever enabling root.

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    If you still need to use Root User, this thread is invaluable. Bookmark it.


    I took my MBA into two separate Genius Bars whe I could not login as Root User using the published instructions, and both "super geniuses" said they were completely stumped. The last one suggested I reformat and reinstall OS X. Bahh


    Then I found this thread, and all was made clear. I can now use Root User at will (not that I need to much anyway). But if ever you need to........ you know what I am saying.



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    Thanks everyone .My problem is now solved .