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My 160gb iPod classic became corrupted last night, and I'm pretty sure all files still on there (used Stellar Pheonix to scan, and it showed all folders in place) but I wanted to try and recover the data before I try a disk repair (as Disk Utility found errors) in case it should wipe it.


Stellar needs payment to recover, as does DiskDrill which I tried afterwards (although it only found 1/3 or the music tracks to recover). Is there a way I can do this for myself, rather than paying for an app? Just a bit short on money at the moment!


Will running a disk repair wipe it?!


If anyone has a suggestion for me to recover the music I'd be grateful... I have a back up of *most* of it... but not done for a while and have added a lot lately which would be a pain to lose!


Thanks in advance!


iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009)